A BIG Thank You

Hello everyone! It has been an amazing summer and a beautiful harvest season thus far. Thank you so much to those who made us a part of their thanksgiving weekend, this past Saturday. We could not ask for better customers. This weekend, we want to celebrate you with our 20th Anniversary of this space. Food, photos, kids activities and more will be available upstairs on the Mezzanine for all to enjoy. That is this Saturday October 19th 10am-2pm.  

Fall Recipes

Are you looking for post-holiday kitchen inspiration? We’ve got just the thing for you, here is a great recipe sent to us by Christine!

This fall veggie soup is loaded with fibre and Vitamins A and C. The tomatoes are an essential part of this soup, as their flavour becomes sweeter and more concentrated the longer you cook them. When shopping for tomatoes, buy the ripest ones available if you are going to use them immediately. Choose those that give slightly to pressure, and are free of blemishes. Keep in mind a little imperfection is not the end of the world, especially if you are making soup or sauce with the tomatoes. If you aren’t going to use the tomatoes for a few days, make sure they are not overly ripe when you buy them. Store your tomatoes at room temperature, because storing them in the fridge kills their flavour and makes the flesh pulpy.
Roasting all the vegetables creates deep, rich flavour. Adding some raw garlic to the soup creates zip. Think of it as two layers of garlic flavour.
Look for all these ingredients at our Farmers’ Market.

Roasted Fall Veggie Soup

8-10 cups (2-2.5 L) roasted seasonal vegetables, try 2 large field tomatoes, 1 yellow zucchini, 1 green zucchini, 2 onions, 2 cloves garlic, 3 red peppers, 1 green pepper, 1 jalapeno pepper
Olive oil
4-5 cups (1-1.25L) vegetable broth
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp (5 mL) brown sugar
1-2 Tbsp (15-30 mL) balsamic vinegar
Pinch cayenne
1/2 cup (125 mL) fresh basil leaves, sliced
Salt and pepper, to taste

Goat cheese croutons:
10 slices baguette
2 cloves garlic, sliced in half
Olive oil
1/2 cup (125 mL) goat cheese, softened

• Heat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Toss the raw vegetables with some canola oil, spread out onto a heavy baking sheet and roast for 30-45 minutes, until vegetables are softened and the edges are browning.
• Scoop vegetables into soup pot, add vegetable broth, and bring to the boil, stir in minced garlic, and let simmer for 5-10 minutes. Remove from heat.
• Scoop soup into bowl of food processor and puree until fairly smooth, some small chunks will still remain. Return soup to heat; add brown sugar, and balsamic vinegar to taste. Stir in cayenne and let soup simmer for another 10 minutes.
• Meanwhile, make goat cheese croutons by toasting baguette slices on both sides, under broiler. Once toasted, rub with cut garlic, drizzle with a bit of olive oil and spread goat cheese on one side of the crouton.
• Finish soup: Stir in fresh basil, season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve hot topped with goat cheese crouton.

Family Pumpkin Patch

It’s that time of year again! London’s favourite kid event is happening next weekend, October 26th 10:00-1:00

– Pumpkin Carving and decorating

– Bouncy Castle

– Face painting

– Seasonal treats- apple spirals, pumpkin cookies and apple cider!

– FREE treat bags for the first 150 kids to arrive (make sure to wear your Halloween Costume)!

– Contests and Prizes!

– A sweet spin will be spinning cotton candy- lots of flavors including pumpkin spice, bubblegum, blueberry and maple flavors!

What's on this week

Thursday October 17th

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*Make sure to join us next Thursday for a Grooves Record Store Pop Up!*

Saturday October 19th

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CHOCOSOL will be joining us this weekend, make sure to come and check them out!-Click Here to learn more about them

Special Event: 20th Anniversary of this building

Musician: The Pairs