A Week of Learning-Saturday Feb 16

Hello Again! Thank you for your patience last week with the delayed release of the newsletter, hopefully all goes smoothly this week. We have a lot going on this weekend, and are looking forward to enjoying learning more about our community. There is a special performance this week by a ukulele group called the Ukellettes, an aromatherapy workshop, a talk with your local butcher, kids crafts, and yummy food as always. Hope to see you there.

Workshop Central


  1. Feel Bliss February-with Amy Sussex of Revive Wellness will be giving us a break from our yoga and pilates classes with an Aromatherapy workshop.  She will be discussing ways to be proactive with your health and wellness. Each attendee will receive a care package to take home. Your name will also be entered into a draw to win some amazing prizes. If you would like we will also be offering aromatherapy rollerballs to the first 20 participants. ***please bring a yoga mat with you-there are extras to borrow if you do not have your own. –Labatt Lounge 9am-10am/Pay-what-you-can
  2. A talk with Mark’s Fine Meats-Do you ever get overwhelmed by options at your Local Butcher? Join us this Saturday for a special talk by Chef Mark to learn the ins and outs of how our newest shop works with farmers from all over Ontario to bring you the best products. Free to attend, the class is happening in lieu of our regular scheduled cooking classes. It will begin at 11 tomorrow in the kitchen upstairs!

Don't Feel Like Cooking tonight?

We are excited to announce that one of our newest vendors Stormin’ Garlic has started to bring their prepared foods to market. Dry soup mixes ready for the pot are now available upstairs every Saturday. We can’t wait to try them.

Lorraine from Morsel’s baked goods is also a good spot to stop on your market morning. Her samosas and savoury pastries make the perfect lunches throughout the week.

Two of our vendors are back from a vacation this week.

Alton Estates winery will be back from Portugal with a whole new arsenal of wine knowledge to share. Come chat with Mark and ask him all about it.

Joanie’s Pastries returned last week with yummy valentines day cookies. Did you know we have two gluten free bakers at our market? We are so fortunate to have so much talent in one place!


What's on this week?

Who has What-Click Here 9am-1pm

Pay-what-you-can-Aromatherapy workshop (in lieu of our regular fitness classes which will be resumed next week) 9am-10am

Musicians-The Ukellettes 10:30-12:30

Chef talks with Mark from one of our Butchers-Mark’s Fine Meats-(in lieu of our regular cooking classes which will resume next week) 11am-12am