Beat the Winter Blues

Our Farmers' market is on break, but our farmers most certainly are not! This week we will be sharing two events put on by our vendors in different parts of the London area. Winter can be a hard time of year and it's always wonderful when people put on events even after the holidays!  

Killdeer Food Co.

Ellen of Orchard Hill Farm was a wonderful addition to our farmers’ market this year. She treated us to her prepared food line of salads, pickled goods and more. As a trained chef, she brings her worlds of farming and food together in the most delicious ways.

On January 18th there is an amazing pop up dinner that will be put on by her at Streamliners Espresso in St. Thomas. Click the link here for more details! 

Arrowwood Blueberry Farm

The good people of Arrowwood Blueberry Farm always have something going on. We will link their website here for you to check out any upcoming events to keep an eye out for. In the mean time, here are some tips on how to enjoy the winter weather from their weekly newsletter!

Does the cold weather present an obstacle or an opportunity for you? Do you suffer from the winter “blues”? Connecting with nature is a great way to keep a healthy outlook on life and perhaps lift your spirit. Here are some simple ideas for connecting with nature this winter:

• Plan a sunrise walk! With the sun coming up around 7:30, start your walk at 7am and watch the sunrise. It might be overcast, but it might also be spectacular! Watch the lunar phases and plan a moonlight walk!
• Put up a bird feeder. The birds (and squirrels!) will appreciate it, and you will be amazed at how these small creatures tolerate and thrive through the harsh winter.
• Take a drive in the country and observe the hills, valleys and new vistas that are possible now that the tree cover is gone.
• Find a friend (or a dog!) and plan a regular walk – 2, 3 or more times per week. A good vigorous walk in the cold will make you feel alive and thankful for your warm home!

Market Count Down

Only 3 weeks left of our market break! We will be back February 1st with cooking classes, music, kids activities and more!

Thank you for shopping local