Beer at the Market

Hey Everyone! After lot's of promises to you, we have finally made it happen. Tonight is the first night we will be hosting a brewery pop up at our Thursday evening Farmers' Market. Do you work downtown? Leave your car parked and head over to the market for a visit with your colleagues, skip the rush hour and then head home with some delicious food for dinner. More of a Saturday morning person? We have lot's going on Saturday as well-including a special workshop with local urban beekeeper and permaculture expert Becky Ellis. Scroll down to the bottom for full details on all upcoming activities.  
Celebrate King St.


Speaking of rush hour, traffic and the overall frustration that driving around London can bring-we have an event coming up next week that might be of, interest.

The City of London will be collaborating with us on Thursday June 13th to celebrate the completion of the King St. bike lane. Regardless of what mode of transportation you use, this will be a great opportunity to get more understanding of what is going on downtown London, how you can get involved as our community changes and grows.

June 13th, mark it on your calendars and come down to the market 4-7.


Worms Worms Worms

Every year as people gear up for gardening season we look for different ways to nourish our plants.

This weekend Saturday June 8th we will have a vendor who will be selling worm castings. Never heard of them? Here is some information below from

What makes worm castings so great? It’s the worm. As it digests the organic materials it consumes, it refines them. Nutrients, including minerals and trace elements, are reduced to their most usable form.

Worm castings make soil more absorbent, making moisture more consistently available to plants and preventing soil from completely drying out.

Worms introduce uncountable numbers of beneficial microbes and bacteria into the finished product, guaranteeing the healthiest soil possible. In addition, castings contain humic acid which aids plant nutrient absorption.

Studies show that germination and seedling growth is improved by planting in worm castings. In short, worm castings are the super food of garden plants.

This Saturday only, come get your plant food!

Whats on This Week

Thursday June 6th

1st Brewery Pop Up-Storm Stayed Brewing Company

Live Music: Essence of Rain

Thursday Vendor List-Click Here

Saturday June 8th

The Elder Wisdom Green Bench 

Join seniors on the #ElderWisdom Bench as they visit a variety of locations across southwestern Ontario.

Honour the wisdom of the elder, and help end ageism

Workshop: Urban Permaculture: designing a life of ecological abundance-Becky Ellis 11am-12pm (in Lieu of Cooking Class)

Live Music: Trusty Fox

Feature Vendors: Eric’s Wood Bin and Worm Castings

Vendor List-Click Here