The Covent Garden Market, in collaboration with the Middlesex Health Unit continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely.

The following set of guidelines have been put in place to mitigate the probability of COVID-19 transmission in the Covent Garden Market. The guide lines are a fluid document and will change as required if the province changes its rules or the Middlesex London Health Unit requirements change the directives.

The Market will always strive to stay ahead of the requirements and react to required changes as diligently as possible. The Market does not make changes with respect to COVID-19 without direction from MLHU.

The Market is now under the Red-control zone regulations.

Covent Garden Market Action Plan

Entrance Ways- We have one controlled entrance way which is at our King Street doors. 

  • Controlled with a staff member situated control booth
  • Sanitizer made available at entrance and requested
  • Signage to indicate all requirements imposed by public health that affect the Market
  • Specific in and out set up
  • Customer counts controlled to avoid over crowding
  • Automatic wave controllers installed at handicap entrances to avoid the need to touch door handles
  • Office administration protective barriers for staff to allow safe distancing with customers and vendors etc. have been installed
  • Mask requested at entrances
  • SEATING: We have been instructed by the Middlesex Health Unit that all our seating in the common food court area has to be removed. However, specific vendors that have their own seating within their own area, those seats can be used as those vendors are categorized as restaurants.
  • New and hospital grade chemicals used for all cleaning which are all approved products by the MLHU
  • Bathrooms deep sanitized with an outside company, Citron Hygiene (spray and mist)
  • Full-time person now constantly wiping down all entrance way doors, elevator doors and controls (min once per hour)
  • Closed on Sundays for a deep clean
  • Floors now being cleaned and we are using Warrior disinfectant nightly

Tenant Requirements

  • All to have protective shield barriers at point of contact with customers
  • All restaurants to follow requirements of MLHU and the Ministry of Health
  • Market to ensure they are following the protocol of guidelines
  • Market to pass along any changes or notices to its vendors i.e.: MLHU or Ministry of Health
  • All vendors required to report any illness to MLHU if suspected COVID-19 case

Security Officers

  • Required to direct people to put on masks if they aren’t wearing one
  • Monitor safe distancing
  • Determine potential for overcrowding and control crowd by closing entrance temporarily to allow people to leave and return to safe customer shopping level

During this time, we are OPEN Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm.

  • Our parking garage remains open 24/7.