Farmers’ Market News – October 27th

Reason to Celebrate:

As October is wrapping up we are excited for all the fall vegetables, meat, cheese and baking available at the market. Be sure to stock up on vegetables to fill your freezer with for the winter. Carrots, kale, bison, onions, and more are in season. Now is a great time to buy garlic in bulk to ensure that you have local garlic all winter long!

Click here to see what vendors are joining us and what they will have.

Features from the market:

Made From Scratch: cute decorated pumpkin cookies, chocolate cheesecake brownies and apple cinnamon buns

Sweet Brigadeiros:  Halloween themed Brigadeiros! Spiders, mice and other ‘sweet’ little creatures!

The Whole Grain Hearth: Halloween features this week! Charcoal Miche for Halloween, pumpkin pie pop tarts, some savoury scones, sesame tahini cookies

Apple Meadow Organic: stock up on items that can be stored in larger quantities.    We have our boxed garlic (wonderful varieties dated for best use), potatoes (4 varieties), beets (why not process for winter/spring meals), and plenty of onions and sweet crunchy carrots. An ample supply of Kale (freeze or make kale chips), broccoli, cauliflower, kholrabi, and cabbage.   It’s a perfect time to freeze some celery and leeks for winter soups! Spinach for fresh and freezing, and cabbage for fermenting or slaws.

Lynch Farms: a new supply of Maple Butter, lots of Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar Leaves as well as David’s Honey

Recipe of the Week:

Here is a great recipe for seasonal smoked garlic potato soup to stay warm as the weather cools down! Serve with sourdough from La Houlette De Vie , or The Whole Grain Hearth for a hearty fall  meal.


Thanks for shopping at our farmers’ market!