Greenery, Wreaths, Arrangements and More!

This is a big week for décor folks! If you've been thinking about heading down to the outdoor farmers' market to find yourself some Christmas spirit, this is the weekend to do so. Whether it's a wreath for your door, an arrangement for your centre piece, or some tree boughs for your garland, we will be fully stocked with an array of vendors this weekend. It's also the last chance to get in any Christmas baked goods orders, so if you have been meaning to discuss your dessert dreams with a favourite baker GET ON IT! Terry from Pillitteri winery will also be back this week so we will also be able to stock up on holiday wine for dinner parties and gifts. Can you sense the excitement for the holidays?!

ChocoSol is BACK!

Our favourite chocolate vendors are back this week! Here is a blurb from their website that describes why they are such a great fit for our farmers market. With a focus on sustainable agriculture and community PLUS being extra delicious, we couldn’t ask for more.

“ChocoSol chocolate is made from a unique blend of forest-garden cacao varieties that are sourced directly from Indigenous communities in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Ecuador. We believe in supporting small plot intensive forest garden cacao that we consider to be one of the best examples of regenerative agro-ecological food production.”


Sunday Fun!

There is always something happening at the market so if you have it in you to make it a full weekend of shopping, we highly recommend checking out this edition of the Merry Makers Fair!

Here is a description from the event page:

We invite you to join us at the Covent Garden Market on Sunday, December 15th 11am-4pm for the Merry Makers Fair! A 100% handmade event held in the heart of the Forest City. Admission is free and underground parking is free upon validation (2 hours).

The Merry Makers Fair mission is simple; to inspire and encourage up and coming small, 100% handmade businesses and connect them to conscious consumers in London.

Here you’ll find some of the best handmade shopping around, from Art, Home Decor, Jewelry, Clothing, Bath and Beauty products – everything you need to finish your Christmas list, and support local at the same time!

What's on this week?

1.Morsels: Sweet and Savoury Pastry
2. Joy’s Wreaths!!!
3.Helm Baked: Gluten Free Baking
4. La Houlette Da Vie: French Baking and Sourdough Bread
5. Liz’s Lovely Looming: Hats, Mitts, Scarves and More
6. Orchard Hill Farms: Organic Produce and prepared Salads, Sauces and Spices
7. Blanbrook Bison: Bison, Fresh and Frozen Cuts, Jerky, Pepperettes, Salami
8. Thames River Melons: Frozen Berries, Fall Produce, Squash, Leeks
9. Pillitteri Wines
10. Greystead Gardens: Organic Produce
11. Sungold Market Garden-Christmas arrangements only, no produce (Lorie sadly missed last week but will be back this week in full force!)
12. Lynch Maple Farms
14. Alchemy Bakeshop

15. Joy’s Mittens

16. ChocoSol

17. Dave’s Beef and Lamb