Celebrate a Reason

WOW. Can we just say - thank you for the support this past weekend! Our Holly Jolly Holiday Market was a huge success; we are so grateful and blessed by the show of support for the many businesses who came and brought their goods, and for the Farmers' Market and our vendors outside! We danced, we ate, we shopped, we laughed. It was a grand weekend! We can't wait to bring the HJHM back next year, and ring out this year with two more fantastic Farmers' Markets!

Celebrate a reason

“This season, celebrate a reason.”

That’s the new message we’ve put up on our sign on the Rotary Square. It’s so easy for this season to be filled with ads, shopping lists, and hectic “to-do’s.” Sometimes for myself, those moments add up and I quickly go from dancing to “Holly Jolly Christmas” to “Bah Humbug.” Don’t worry, I always find my spirit, but I need to remind myself of the reason I’m celebrating. For me, those reasons are family, goodness, community, love, and JOY. So much joy.

What brings you joy? For me, it’s the people around me – friends and strangers. Saturdays are always my favourite days because I get to see so many of my favourite people. There’s so much happening and that hustle bustle of chatter and music and a bag of baked goods – that’s joy. Sure, it’s cold outside and we’re all hopping around, arms wrapped tight around us, trying to keep warm, but dare I say that it’s more cozy? A warm mug of cider or hot chocolate, an arm-in-arm walk along the square, soft snowflakes dancing in the air, a dark morning brightened with twinkly lights… JOY.

I know some of our vendors will show me their cold hands and disagree! But the season is so short, and I can’t help feeling sad when it’s over. That’s my reason to celebrate! Every moment is shorter than it seems and I want to enjoy every second! I’m filling my Christmas gifts with local finds and handmade items; I’m filling my table with fresh tarts and cookies and pies; and I’m filling my time with people I love. I hope you all have the joyful opportunity to do the same.

What's New!

What’s new at Market this week?

  • Joy is back! Well, “joy” was always here, but Joy with her wreaths is back at Market, this weekend only!
  • Dee is also back – this week and next! She will be bringing the Christmas baking: Christmas fruit cake, mince tarts, Christmas cookies and squares…mm mm mmm.
  • Entangled Roots and Joyce’s Mittens unfortunately couldn’t make it last week, but BOTH are coming to Market this week! A perfect opportunity to get some gifts!
  • Hot Drinks! Ray has apple cider, Terry has mulled wine, and Serge has drinking chocolate!

Cooking Class

This week’s cooking class will be led by Sue Helm, from Helm Baked! We’re so excited. The tables are all booked, but we have made room for two more for walk-ins. If you’re interested in joining us, that means 8 more seats if you’re open to sharing a table! The class begins at 11AM!


Saturday Vendor List

This is the list, folks! See who you can find at the Farmers’ Market this Saturday, December 11th from 8am to 1pm! Click on their names to find information on pre-orders and to learn more about their farms and businesses!

Check out their websites for more information about their products and to see what’s in season/currently available!