Kids are the Future!

The warm spell we experienced last week was enough for Lynch Maple Farms to get 22 litres of Golden Maple Syrup. Lorraine and Hugh are looking forward to sharing the new batch with everyone this week. The sugar boost is just what we need around here after returning from a two day conference with Farmers' Markets Ontario. Our wheels are turning and one of the big takeaways was that kids are one of the most important aspects of the market community. To show our appreciation, we've decided to start a kids crafting program this month. Details can be found below!  

Kids Craft Series

Join us for a new series of Kids programming at the Covent Farmers’ Market. Held all winter long upstairs in the Mezzanine our Farmers and Bakers continue to provide us with some of the best food in town.

Happening for 5 weeks only, bring your kids down to the market for a different craft each week. There will be 15 minutes of guided instruction and then you and your little ones will have as much time as needed to create a masterpiece! Free to attend and all supplies provided. Looking forward to having you out 🙂

WEEK 1-March 2nd 9:30am
Jar Chia Pet

WEEK 2-March 9th 9:30am
Bean and Grain Art

WEEK 3-March 16th 9:30am
Colour Reusable Bags-vegetable stamps

WEEK 4-March 23rd 9:30am
Make your own playdough

WEEK 5-March 30th 9:30am
Pine Cone Bird Feeder

What to Eat Saturday Mornings?

Our market is so full of delicious finds that sometimes it’s overwhelming and things get lost. We are going to highlight a few hotspots that are perfect for eating during Saturdays at the Market.

  1. Breakfast Poutine-a glorious dish full of cheese, poached eggs and hot fries. Try adding tomato or hot peppers to liven things up-available at Mona’s Shawarma and Grill
  2. Dan and Glenda’s Grilled Beef Slider, always a new cheese feature to sample as well
  3. Petite Paris always has the crepe plates hot, ready to serve up breakfast french style, sweet or savoury.

Find your Saturday food treasure, and get if for here. Many vendors will give it to you on proper dishware so no waste is incurred. Do you have a market favourite? Let us know!

Who Has What?

Vendor List-Who has What-Click Here!

Pay-What-You-Can-Fitness: 9:00-10:00 Niki Carr from At The Mat

Musician this Week: Tom Taylor

Chef this Week: Emily Griffin-owner and operator of Harvest Moon Trading Co. Preserves, one of our weekly vendors

Citrus Tart, and Shortbread 2 Ways Recipe-Click Here!