Market Traditions

Wowza London. Thank you so much for such a great week. We are loving all the new faces that we have been meeting lately. Seeing people start their own market traditions, begin to build relationships with vendors and learn to enjoy all that our area has to offer is one of the most rewarding parts of farmers' markets. Our MP Karen Vecchio was supposed to join us on Saturday to cut and serve the cake (a special thank you to International Bakery for the beautiful creation). She was unable to make it as her daughter in-law was having a baby, Karen's first grandchild! We are wishing her all the best and hope she enjoys being a Grandma.  

Wine Country

Last week myself and our summer student Sam had the opportunity to visit Alton Estate Winery, one of our Thursday vendors. The photo here is of us planting new Grape Vines!  Here is what she had to say about it:

As a student who studies food science, I thought it was an amazing educational experience visiting Alton Estates Winery. Usually, I only get to enjoy wine when it is fully processed and I’m having it with a meal, however, visiting the winery allowed me the opportunity to experience wine in a whole different way. The best part was learning how the grape vines grow. It amazed me that when the tiny grape vines are planted, they are already four years old!  Also, the agriculture behind wine making is so detailed and intricate. The vines are very picky if they are not planted in the proper environment. I have my own aspirations to work at or open up a winery of my own one day. Alton Estates Winery gave me the chance to learn the basic skills and experience to further my future career goals. I cannot wait to back to learn about the next phase in wine making!

Market Workshops

We have been having such a great response to all of the workshops and cooking classes that have been happening lately. It is such a wonderful opportunity to tap into the talent of chefs, farmers and teachers in our area.

This week, Heather Pinsky of Naturally Vegan will be returning. In the dead of winter when things were awfully quiet around here, she brought in a huge crowd, eager to learn the ways of vegan cooking.

On the menu this round is Caesar Salad with Maple Tempeh Bacon. She will be featuring produce from our outdoor vendors and working with a lettuce called “little gem” instead of romaine. It tends to have a similar texture, with a sweet juiciness factor. Perfect for caesar salad!

What's on this week?

Thursday July 4th

Click Here for Vendor List

Musician: Donald Waugh

Special Event: Meet the Vendor Raffle Draw

Saturday July 6th 

Click Here for Vendor List

Musician: Averages

Cooking Class: Heather Pinsky of Naturally Vegan

*Photo of baked goods from Helm Baked Feed*