Great Lakes Goat Dairy

Great Lakes Goat Dairy

Dave and Michele

Dave and Michele both come from deep family roots in dairy farming. Dave grew up in the country and began working on a local dairy when he was 15 years old and Michele grew up on a dairy farm in the Ayton area.

Both went to agricultural college and actually met on the dairy farm that Dave worked at! They loved working together on the farm and taking care of the animals and eventually married. They now have 4 children and decided to start a farm of their own milking goats in 2005.

They still have a passion today for raising and milking the goats and the lifestyle that this provides. Looking to be a part of their milk from start to finish, Dave and Michele joined Great Lakes Goat Dairy to brighten their future and love being able to say that this is their cheese.

  • Saturdays, May- December
  • 130 King Street, London ON Canada N6A 1C5