Lynch Maple Farm

Lynch Maple Farm

Lorraine & Hugh Lynch

Lynch Farms sugar bush has been in operation for over 35 years. At first, sales were farm gate only, but since 2000 they have been selling at London Covent Garden Farmers’ Market. Besides maple syrup they also carry maple butter and maple sugar leaves. They also take orders for wedding favours. Lorraine also makes incredible preserves and pickles with fruit and vegetables from her garden. The Verified My Pick farmers also grow wheat, corn, and beans and have a sizable garden. The sugar bush just happened to be on their farm property and so they decided to give it a try!

As new maple sugar producers, the Lynches were self-taught and started with a very small operation. They enjoyed it so much that their operation quickly grew and they advanced to stainless-steel wood-fired equipment, all tubing and minimally invasive plastic spiles – except for a couple of trees on buckets so they can see how the sap is running.

While their maple syrup operation has grown over the years, it is still more of a hobby for the Lynch family than anything else – they put the time and energy into producing maple syrup because they greatly enjoy it! Hugh laughingly commented that one of the best things they get out of it is a bit of exercise – which Lorraine said he doesn’t actually need, what with all the farm work!