Share the Market LOVE with the Younger Generation!

Those of you who came out to the market last Saturday know that we were hit with rain! We were so happy to see a slow and steady rain throughout Friday evening and Saturday and even though it made our Market day a little more interesting, we are so thankful! And the fact that it didn't stop any of you from coming down to the market and supporting your wonderful vendors, speaks to how amazing and supportive our community is. Thank you, London! Next week's market is an exciting one! We will have fresh delicious blueberries brought to us by Berrylicious Fruit Farm in Burgessville and wonderful sweet corn for the first time this season from The Corn Crib in Strathroy! The Corn Crib has been with us before so give them a warm welcome back, but this is Berrylicious's first time ever at our market! Make sure to give them a hearty welcome, London! Don't forget to scroll down to see who will be back at the market this Saturday!
Photo by Rachael Helm

Share the Market LOVE with the Younger Generation!

Earlier this year, we talked a bit about sharing the love and knowledge of local food with the younger generation. There is no time too early to start talking about food: where it comes from, how it’s grown, what it can do, and, most importantly, WHAT it is! Starting early will instill a love of local food in the younger generation, ensuring they will continue supporting local farmers, local food economies, and communities! (And maybe it will encourage them to become farmers themselves!) Farmers’ Markets are a fantastic way to begin having these conversations because there is such a wide variety of local food to work with, and it’s fun! Here are some great things you can teach the younger generation at your local Farmers’ Market:

1. What is Local Food?

Knowing what local food is, is a privilege not everyone has the opportunity to understand and often needs to be taught. Taking kids to your Farmers’ Market allows them to see the foods available in their local communities and gives them the opportunity to ask the farmers’ where the food comes from. For example, Sungold Market Garden is located in Mt. Brydges and Greystead Gardens is located in Denfield. All of our vendors operate within our local boundary, meaning we only have foods available to be grown within our region. If your child asks why there’s no bananas at the Farmers’ Market, this is a great way to explain why!

2. What does Seasonal Foods mean?

Teaching kids about seasonal foods is also very important, and a perfect lesson to take place at a Farmers’ Market. If they usually accompany you to the grocery store, but this is their first time at the Farmers’ Market, they might be looking for blueberries in May, but definitely won’t see any! Why, they might ask? Well, you could say, different foods grow best in different weather conditions, and what’s available at the Farmers’ Market, is what’s in season – and that’s a beautiful thing.

3. What are the different types of Farming?

I know we’re sharing things to teach to the younger generation, but this is a great one for adults as well. There are many different ways to farm: conventional, organic, biointensive, and more! Some farmers use a mix of different types of farming methods and use different techniques to do so. Some farmers farm by hand, others use horse powered machines, others use tractors, you get the idea. All farmers choose their methods carefully and know the reason why. If you’re interested, ask them! This is a great conversation to have with your farmer and will help you and the younger generation understand how your food is grown or raised and help you appreciate just how much work goes into doing so!

Remember – these are only three wonderful lessons to share at your Farmers’ Market! Come down to the Farmers’ Market this weekend to learn more and have a wonderful chat with your farmer! We love sharing the local love with our market supporters of all ages!

Who can you find at the Farmers' Market this weekend?

This is the list, folks! See who you can find at the Farmers’ Market this Saturday, July 18th! Click on their names to find information on pre-orders and to learn more about their farms and businesses!

Check out their websites for more information about their products and to see what’s in season/currently available!