Shopping at the Market

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when visiting the farmers’ market? Where does one start and how do we adapt to the seasons and availability of the products? The best place to start is by asking the vendors themselves. In this week's newsletter we are going to share some tips for shopping at the market! Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see our vendor list and upcoming cooking class.    

Buying bread at Market

Do you love the flavour of sourdough whole grain bread but struggle with it going stale too quickly? Try freezing it! You can choose to slice it all up and stick it in the freezer, making your way through it each day, or you can cut it in half and slice it to order. Many of cooking class chefs have also shared great recipes in the past for different ways of using your bread if does get a little too hard.


Here are some suggestions:


Grilled Cheese

French Toast

Bread Pudding


Bread Crumbs

Salad Greens

Did you know that many of the salad greens you buy at the grocery store have been in transit for almost a week before you get to them! Buying your produce locally can help reduce food waste in the refrigerator. Don’t be afraid to stock up on everything you need for the week, because it was likely taken out of the ground just the day before.  

Some of our vendors are now selling their greens in bulk. Make sure to bring your own produce bags and you can be a part of a plastic free movement here at market! (Photo from Sungold Market Garden)


VQA Wines

Do you have your favourite wine? Is venturing out of your comfort zone in a tried and true department not something you feel like doing right now?  Luckily for us, our wine vendors (Pillitteri-Saturdays and Alton Estate Wineries-Thursdays) are more than happy to let you taste their product and teach us Ontario wine basics 101. How cool is it to shop from a bunch of amazing people who are experts in their field?

This is just the start of what our wonderful local vendors have to offer us. If you like this email let us know and we will continue to learn, share and grow this season together. New shopping habits can always be daunting, especially in a world where time is precious, so let us know your questions and perhaps we can help you out!

What’s on this Week

Thursday May 30th

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Musician: Colin Gray

Saturday June 1st

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Musician: Londomble

Cooking Class: Emily Griffin from Harvest Moon Trading Co.