The Holidays are Approaching!

Happy Thursday! Thank you to everyone who came out to the Farmers’ Market this past weekend. The weather was gorgeous and it was a perfect day to stop by for your local goods. It was also a great day to get some yard work done or go for a long walk and we hope everyone found some way to enjoy the sun! With this weather, it’s hard to believe that the holidays are quickly approaching, but we’re only a few weeks out! Keeping that in mind, we wanted to chat a bit today about how you can support local at this time. Notice how we said “support” and not “shop”? That’s for a good reason, and you can find it below. As usual at this time of year, we’ve already begun to install our annual ice rink on the Rotary Square, and this means our Farmers’ Market will now be on the upper level of the Square – still outside but moved up and to the left. We may look different, but we’ll have the same wonderful vendors and even some new faces! Find out who they’ll be this weekend by scrolling to the bottom!

Our New "Look"

With the Farmers’ Market located on the Upper Level of the Square, we’ll look a bit different. To make sure we can all keep our distance and continue to shop safely, please keep to the right as you shop, just like with driving, and if you notice a line at your favourite vendor, please wait a safe distance from others or continue shopping with our other vendors and swing back later.

Our entrance will be at the Talbot doors, underneath the pillars with canopies on both sides. And, while Mark’s Fine Meats won’t have their sliders outside, they will be available Indoors! Please remember to sanitize your hands before you shop with our hand sanitizer or your own. Most of our vendors also have hand sanitizer available for customers, so if you need to reapply, just ask! Thank you and we hope to see you there ♥️

As we get closer to the holidays, we’ll also have vendors join us with Christmas gifts and decorations. This weekend, the London Community Woodshop will be joining us with handmade wooden plant stands, cutting and charcuterie boards, boxes and bowls, jewelry and more! Da Costa will also be with us again with beautiful stone and leather jewelry, and there’s lots of other goods to go around. It’s never too early to start thinking about gifts!

Supporting Local when you can’t Shop Local

There’s no denying that this year has been tough. For many of us, living through a pandemic has meant a physical and emotional, but also financial strain, and we know that for some of you, this might make shopping local more complicated. So, we wanted to share a few tips on how you can continue to support local small businesses and farms, while perhaps not being able to shop from them at this time. These are some great tips to keep in mind as we approach the holiday season! Of course, whenever you can, shop local, too!

    1. Leave a stellar review! This is a small action that will do wonders for their business both now and long term. Were you impressed by a product or service? Make it known! Many people look for good reviews when selecting businesses to support, and your words can make all the difference. If you can’t shop small right now, there may be others who can.
    2. Referrals! In addition to reviews, passing on a personal recommendation to your friends and family for a small business you love, can drive new business their way! You can help connect these businesses with new customers by word-of-mouth referrals. Personal referrals are especially effective, as they are trust-based.
    3. Support their social media efforts! Social media is a huge way that small businesses create and build their customer base. By following them, liking and sharing their posts, and writing supportive comments, you are not only helping them reach more potential customers, but also boosting their morale which is much needed right now!
    4. Send a Message! Speaking of boosting morale: perhaps one of the kindest ways to support a small business or farm, is to send them a supportive message. Let them know that you see them, and appreciate them! A short email, a phone call, a word in passing, can not only put a smile on their face, but can help keep them going through tough times. This is not only great advice for small business owners, but for anyone! ♥️
    5. When in Doubt, ASK: If you want to support a local business, but don’t know how: ask them. There’s always something we can do to support each other! Share the LOVE!

New Hours

✨A reminder that our new hours start on Monday!✨ Beginning November 16th, we will now be open from 8am to 6pm. The Farmers’ Market will also be open at 8am beginning November 21st.

More time to shop at the Market? Yes, please!

Who Can you Find at the Outdoor Farmers' Market this Saturday?

This is the list, folks! See who you can find at the Farmers’ Market this Saturday, November 14th! Click on their names to find information on pre-orders and to learn more about their farms and businesses!

Check out their websites for more information about their products and to see what’s in season/currently available!

And, Mark’s Fine Meats will have their sliders available Indoors!