Vendor Feature: The Welsh Baker

Happy *hot* Thursday, London! We've had a lot of sun over the past few weeks, but very little rain! Yesterday, we were blessed with a short but welcome shower, but it just wasn't enough! From a farming stand-point, the heat has been brutal on the plants. While farmers are often able to water their fields from other sources, it doesn't quite do the same quality job that a good rain does. This means that many more fragile foods like spinach and other greens have been very vulnerable and are burning up. The heat also means a farmers' job of working outside in the fields is more difficult - make sure to show them some love and appreciation both now and always! If it rains this weekend, don't let that stop you from coming down to the farmers' market! As we are only open one day per week, this means little opportunity for you to shop from your local vendors, so please make sure to come downtown and show your support - rain or shine! Today, we have another vendor feature for you! Please scroll down to meet Jude from The Welsh Baker! You can find Jude and a lot of other wonderful vendors at the market this Saturday - scroll down to the bottom to find out who!

Meet Jude from The Welsh Baker!

A few years ago, while moving, Jude Anderson-Clutz found a journal where she had recorded her dream of owning a food-based business. While she had a well-paying job and knew the easy decision would be to stay, she decided to follow her passion and dream and create The Welsh Baker. “I have always loved to cook and bake,” writes Jude. “Creating food to be enjoyed and celebrated is a feeling like no other and so I took the plunge and prepared to leave my job and start a baking business.” It’s been three years since then, and while Jude has faced moments of panic, she has never had any regret! “The support I receive from family, friends, customers, fellow small business owners and the Small Business Centre both in St. Thomas and London has been resounding and a constant source of motivation and love,” writes Jude. In addition to running a successful business, Jude also works as a freelance ASL/English Interpreter and works part-time in restaurants and culinary schools.

Born and raised in St. Thomas, Jude is proudly Welsh Canadian – her parents emigrated to Canada from Wales a year before she was born. This is a big inspiration for The Welsh Baker, as I’m sure you can discern from her business name, and specifically the Welsh Cakes that Jude’s business started with. If you’ve ever wondered what a Welsh Cake is – now’s the time to find out! “Welsh Cakes are a cross between a cookie and a scone,” writes Jude. “They are rolled out like a cookie but cooked like a pancake which means each one has had my full attention even just for a minute.” While the traditional recipe for a Welsh Cake has mixed spice and currants, The Welsh Baker has gotten creative with their flavour combinations – you can find creative flavours such as chocolate chili, cherry almond, apple pie, salted caramel, rosemary and cheddar, cheesy garlic, and sundried tomato basil!

Since then, The Welsh Baker also started making other traditional Welsh treats such as Bara Brith, a spicy tea bread, and a full and ever-changing line of baked goods including sourdough bagels, sourdough pizza kits, sausage rolls, curried sweet potato and chickpea rolls, brioche buns, bomboloni, tarts, pies and more! Jude doesn’t make all of these products each week, so make sure to take advantage of pre-orders! Head to their website and choose the pick-up option for our market! If you can’t find something you had before and loved, just send them a quick email through the website and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can!

Jude would love for The Welsh Baker to have its own brick and mortar store, but COVID-19 had other plans. The once short-term goal has now been put on hold, but soon, she hopes to welcome her faithful customers to her own space, in addition to local markets! One of the reasons that Jude loves to sell at local markets such as our own Farmers’ Market, is that “market people are some of the best people [she has] the pleasure of knowing.”

“This includes the patrons and the vendors,” writes Jude. “The love that you feel being part of the market community is like nothing else. Patrons who support and love your product. Fellow vendors who are always willing to lend you a helping hand. It’s a microcosm of the best example of community. I’m a big fan. Plus farmers make the best friends/colleagues. Taking something that they have grown and using it in an inventive recipe or something tried and true is a great marriage of local food makers and producers.” We completely agree and could not have said it better ourselves!

Find Jude at the market every Saturday for the rest of the Summer season! She loves it when people come and say hi!

“Kindness is contagious and sometimes kindness can be in the form of a cookie or cake shared with a friend.” – The Welsh Baker

Who Can You Find at the Farmers' Market this week?

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