Welcome, 2021

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break filled with peace, joy, happiness, and hopefully some rest. We know that this year has already brought its challenges, but as we did last year, we know that together we can make something wonderful from it. As we plan another year of the Farmers' Market, I found myself reminiscing about some of my favourite moments from last year! I thought this would bring a smile to our faces on this cloudy Thursday morning, and I encourage you to share with us what your favourite moments were!

Favourite Farmers' Market Moments of 2020

I have so many favourite moments of 2020! Even though things were certainly different, it was easy to find a bit of light and laughter on Saturday mornings. Here are a few of my favourite little things! Please share yours with us as well!

One of my absolute favourite moments was on a Summer morning when I was standing near two vendor canopies. A customer was shopping for baked goods at one of those vendors and made a comment that caused all of us to laugh. Our square is large and I didn’t realize how quickly sound could travel. As we were laughing on our side of the square, I heard laughter coming from another direction as well. The customer who was laughing told me that she had heard our laughter coming from all the way across the square and it made her need to laugh too. This was a wonderful reminder to me that joy spreads so easily, even in difficult times, and while I don’t remember what that initial comment was that made us laugh, I remember the feeling.

Another of my favourite moments was when we could finally have live music again for a few wonderful weeks in August, September and October. Each of our acts brought so much talent and we could see how much joy this brought to our vendors and customers. We couldn’t stop and listen to the music, but we could enjoy it while shopping. There were a few precious times when I caught customers doing a little jig for a split second as they walked through the Farmers’ Market, and each time made me smile knowing someone had found a reason to dance.

There are so many more, but I’ll end with a few small things that made me smile – the bowl of candy Sungold had out on Halloween that gave a witchy laugh when you walked by, the holiday decorations and costumes Terry from Pilliterri always remembered, the bowl of water that The Wandering Bee placed out for Service Dogs on hot days, the little squash we found that looked like a clapping seal, the hand-drawn chalkboard chicken the Den Besten’s son drew – and so many more! Every little moment came together for a wonderful year, and we’re confident the same will happen again in 2021.

Let us know what your favourite moments were! We’d love to share a smile with you.

The Indoor Market is OPEN

The Farmers’ Market is taking a scheduled break as usual right now, but don’t forget that the Indoor Market remains OPEN! Every Monday through Saturday, 8-6!

Here’s who’s open!


Havaris Produce

Doris Family Prouce

Butchers, Seafood, Poultry:

Chris’s Country Cuts

Mark’s Fine Meats

Seoul Seafood Shoppe

Cheese, Dips, Sauces:

Smith Cheese


Organic, Health Food Store:

Homeopathy London

Sacred Earth Vegan Market

Foods of the World:

Cucina Italiana

Hot Oven

Kleiber’s Deli

Mercado Burrito

Mona’s Shawarma & Grill

Rice Box

Seoul Seafood Shoppe

Thai Delight

The Salad Bowl

The New Delhi Deli

The Piping Kettle

Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Frozen Desserts, Baked Goods:


The Tea Haus

The Little Red Roaster

The Ice Cream Bowl

Chocolate Factory

International Bakery


Carpe Diem Massage (By appt. only)

Market Lottery


Olive R Twists (519-204-9184)

Waldo’s on King (519-318-5029)

Tanakaya (519-850-8838)