2024, Your Local Destination

Step into a world of excitement at the Market as we kick off the new year with a flurry of activities! Our enchanting skating rink has officially opened its frosty gates, promising a season of icy fun for all. From ice skating to Crokicurl to more fun, stay tuned! The ice hours are Monday-Saturday from 11am-7pm & Sundays from 10am-6pm, check out our Crokicurl hours below:
  • Every Tuesday & Thursday: 11am-2pm
  • Fri, Jan 12: 5pm-7pm
  • Sun, Jan 14: 12pm-2pm
  • Sat, Jan 20: 2pm-4pm
  • Fri, Jan 26: 5pm-7pm
  • Fri, Feb 2: 5pm-7pm
  • Fri, Feb 9: 5pm-7pm
  • Fri, Feb 16: 5pm-7pm
  • Thu, Feb 22: 5pm-7pm
  • Wed, Feb 28: 5pm-7pm

But that's not all - 2024 is all about supporting local small businesses. With over 40 indoor vendors, our market is a bustling hub of creativity and quality. Every product is crafted in-house with utmost dedication, ensuring you receive nothing but the best. Supporting local is supporting love – your friends, family and community. From fresh groceries to unique retail offerings, including hand-made kids' clothing, exquisite jewelry, customizable products, and tempting pre-made meal options, our market is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Join us in making 2024 the year of community, connection and celebration at the Market!


With 2024 being the year of supporting local small businesses, give the ultimate gift with the Covent Garden Market gift certificate which can be used anywhere in the Market. The Market is full of many different treasure troves that are just waiting to be found!

Get them in the Market office Monday-Friday or at Magpie’s Collected Creations!


Thank you for coming back; this is our sixteenth installment of Vendor Highlights, where we dive in and explore a different vendor each week, allowing you to learn more about them and discover their story and some hidden gems. Today, we would like you to have a glimpse at the story behind La Parrillada:

La Parrillada, a culinary venture that ignited in 2019, initially graced festivals with its presence. After a string of successful events, the family took the leap, establishing their first location on Wharncliffe Road. As their appetite for growth intensified, they set their sights on expanding into the Market, discovering fortuitous available spaces.

The heart and soul of La Parrillada emanate from the family’s cherished tradition of crafting Latin-inspired meals. Infused with inspiration drawn from the vibrant Latin community in London, their enthusiasm is palpable as they craft dishes to bring families together.

Gratitude fills their journey as they reflect on the remarkable growth witnessed over the years. Each festival becomes a testament to their expanding popularity, with a loyal customer base that continues to blossom. Amidst the joy of connecting with returning patrons, they relish the opportunity to meet new faces, fostering a community of friendly interactions.

They think that what sets the Market apart is its nurturing, family-oriented environment, both among vendors and customers. La Parrillada thrives on the warmth and camaraderie that fills this setting, making every moment spent there truly special.

Looking forward to 2024, La Parrillada harbors aspirations to continue their upward trajectory, fueled by the same passion and dedication that ignited their journey. The aim is clear: continue growing, spreading joy through their Latin-inspired culinary creations, and creating lasting connections within the Market.

Vendor highlights are all about shining a spotlight on the heart and soul of each vendor and learning more about the who, the what and the why around their story. If you’ve enjoyed this journey, join us again next week for another vendor and a new highlight as we continue celebrating the outstanding contributors that make our Market a genuinely magical place


Discover the charm of Havaris Produce, a Covent Garden Market icon since the 1800s!

Their enduring legacy is housed in the original building, symbolizing a rich history!

Experience top-notch quality, a treasure trove of organic produce, pre-made salads, honey, syrups, and the juiciest fruits for your lunch cravings. Havaris: where tradition meets quality in every bite!


Starting next Saturday, join us upstairs in the Lounge at 8am for a yoga class! Attendees are asked to use the King Street stairwell or elevator for access to the second floor.

Meet Zoë, a devoted yoga enthusiast who, in 2021, traded the tropical bliss of Barbados for a tertiary education in London, Ontario. Armed with years of dedicated yoga practice, she recently earned her certification as a yoga instructor.

Zoë’s journey transcends physical postures; she discovers solace in the meditative art of pranayama, embracing yoga’s philosophy both on and off the mat. Seamlessly blending Vinyasa flow and Hatha traditions, her teaching style creates a harmonious experience for students.

Beyond guiding empowering sequences, Zoë immerses herself in real estate administration with Initia Ontario, showcasing versatile skills beyond the mat. 🧘‍♀️

Zoë’s mission extends beyond physical wellness; she is committed to fostering balance, mindfulness, and community through the practice that she holds dear.

Connect with Zoë and her transformative journey on Instagram: @andyogaaaa


Join us in the market kitchen for our cooking class hosted by Kimi Abdullah. Kimi will be demonstrating how to make winter soups!


  • Saturday, January 13 | Kimi Abdullah – Winter Soups
  • Saturday, January 20 | Nancy Salamanca – Banana Cream Pie
  • Saturday, January 27 | Jaime Pena – Cheddar & Jalapeno Corn Bread

Doors open at 10:40am, class starts at 11am. No registration is required. First come, first served.


Boy, oh boy, are we excited about this! Of The Earth Co is teaming up @thebonsaiguychris to bring London’s first ever bonsai show right here to the Covent Garden Market!

With 100 trees on display, vendors, and prizes for participants, this is going to be a show for anyone who’s interested in the art of bonsai!

Please follow Middlesex County Bonsai Show on Facebook and @msbonsaishow on Instagram for more information and updates. For tree submission inquiries, please email


We are super excited about launching our Market Loyalty Card program! When you spend a minimum of $10 at any participating indoor vendor locations, you will receive a sticker, once your card is full, you will receive a $25 CGM Gift Card. One sticker per transaction. Once cards are ready to be redeemed, you can be bring it to the Office (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) and on weekends you can redeem your card at the Tea Haus on our upper level.

You can get your Loyalty Card at any of the participating vendors or in the Market office. The card itself is the size of a business card to easily fit into your wallet.