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April through December | 8 AM to 1 PM | Outside on the Rotary Square


June 17 through October | 4 PM to 7 PM | Outside on the Rotary Square

Eat & shop local in the heart of London!

Share the passion for locally-grown food direct from local farmers, growers and producers. The vendors selling at the Farmers’ Market “grow it, raise it, bake it, or make it”!

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Our Farmers' Market

Our Farmers’ Market is a true Farmers’ Market! This means that all of our vendors produce the products they sell at the market, and at least half of those vendors are farmers. We believe this allows for ultimate transparency! Our farmers’ market is a place to meet your farmers and meet your makers, and ask them all the burning questions you want answered.

Where was this tomato grown? What ingredients are in this bread? When will strawberries be in season? Where do you source your ingredients?

These are all great questions and easily answered when asked of the person who grows, raises, makes, or bakes what you buy.

Meet your farmer and introduce yourself to your maker this weekend!

Experience the taste of local. And find that there is nothing better!

All our vendors come from within our local boundary. South Western Ontario offers a broad flavour profile, and at our market you will find fresh fruits and vegetables from across the seasons, local meats and cheeses, maple syrup, honey, preserves, breads, baked goods, prepared foods, and so much more!

Interested in becoming a vendor at our outdoor market?

We have begun our 2021 Summer Season and have limited space left for new vendors. The application is available below and you are welcome to contact the market manager via email if you are interested or have any questions!

Our market works to maintain a minimum of 51% farmers in order to stay true to the definition of a farmers’ market. We do not permit any reselling and require you to be from within the local boundary. More information can be found in our vendors’ handbook. Vendor fees and spacing can be found at the bottom of the application.

Email Farmers’ Market Manager Patricia de Wit with any questions you may have at: Please submit forms in person or via email.

Photo by Rachael Helm

If you would like to participate, download the Application Form and read our Vendor’s Handbook first.

Dog Policy

As of July 31st, 2021, dogs are now permitted within the Outdoor Farmers’ Market space at the Covent Garden Market, provided that they are leashed and under your control, well behaved, picked-up after and kept out of the flow of traffic when not actively moving through the Market.

Dogs and owners are expected to abide by specific rules to maintain the welcome of furry friends. Owners are socially, legally and financially responsible and liable for their pet’s behavior at all times. Let’s make your furry friend’s visit to the market a good experience for everyone!

Click here to read our full dog policy.

Covent Garden Market staff will ask your dog to leave if they are not abiding by these rules. Multiple violations throughout the season will result in the return of a no-dog policy. Service dogs are always allowed.


Is the Market Cash Only?

Many of our vendors accept cashless payment options, whether that be debit, visa, or e-transfer. A few of our vendors can only accept cash, so we recommend coming prepared.

But have no fear! We have an ATM located inside the Market Building at Market Lottery, and a TD machine within the Market Lane doors vestibule.

Magpie’s Collected Creations also carries market gift certificates that can be purchased with a card transaction and used at any Indoor or Outdoor vendor!