Blanbrook Bison Farm
Butcher, Seafood & Poultry

Blanbrook Bison Farm

Bruce & Shirley Mills

MyPick® producer!
Blanbrook Bison Farm is 100 acres owned and operated by Bruce and Shirley Mills of RR6 St Marys. They are one of the original vendors at the Covent Garden Farmer’s Market since it opened in 2000. Bruce and Shirley have been in the bison business for over 20 years. The animals graze on pasture and are fed hay in the winter. The butcher animals are given oats and barley on a daily basis. No growth hormones or steroids are used on the animals. Bison meat is sweeter than beef, high in iron and protein, and lower in fat and cholesterol. All of the meat is boneless and vacuumed sealed.

Monday to Saturday: 8am - 6pm