Blanbrook Bison Farm
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Blanbrook Bison Farm

Bruce & Shirley Mills

A My Pick Verified Local Farmer®, Blanbrook Bison Farm is located on roughly 100 acres of land near St. Mary’s where Bruce, Shirley, and their family raise about 100 bison. Bruce says that bison are relatively low-maintenance animals that largely take care of themselves. “They must be treated with respect and are handled much less frequently than other livestock,” it says on their website. “Bison are native to the prairies so they spend all of their lives outdoors, even in the cold and blizzards! They truly are Canadian!” Bison is a lean, nutrient-dense red meat that is sweet and filling. Blanbrook’s bison eat grass, hay, grain, as well as necessary salt and minerals, with the majority of their food sourced from the farm – no growth hormones or steroids are used.

Bruce first became interested in bison farming in 1986 when he saw a feature in the Toronto Sun of a bison farmer in the area. It immediately piqued his interest and he took the first adventurous step in; with a background in dairy farming, and after years of research, education, and preparation, Blanbrook Bison Farm was established in May of 1992, and this Friday will be their 28th anniversary!

There are now roughly 50 bison farms in all of Ontario, with less at that time, so there was no benchmark for how this pursuit would turn out, and little resources to create a plan or seek financial assistance. Bruce says that it is very important that bison farmers work together to connect, support, and educate producers, and is happy to see bison farmers working together to promote the bison industry. Bruce and Shirley have been part of the Canadian Bison Association and Ontario Bison Association for many years, doing just that.

Blanbrook Bison Farm has been attending the Covent Garden Farmers’ Market since we first opened over 20 years ago! We’re so glad to see Shirley every Saturday morning. One of their favourite things about attending the farmers’ market is connecting with the local community and sharing their knowledge of bison. Support their farm by visiting their website for a full list of the different cuts they offer. You can place an order by sending them an email or giving them a call. 519-229-6316 //