Older than

the city itself


Covent Garden Market had its beginning in 1835 when a patent was issued to hold a “public fair or mart” in the area of Richmond, Dundas and King Streets. In 1845, the Market found a permanent home when city business owners donated land near Richmond, Dundas and King Street.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays were the days the farmers arrived to sell their wares. Inside the main floor was strewn with sawdust where shoppers could choose meat from many different butchers. Outside, buyers and sellers mingled and bargained over wares ranging from boxes of trinkets and wild raspberries to kitten litters.


Until well after World War 1, the Market was the business and cultural heart of the City.


In 1955 when the advent of the automobile began to take its toll on the time-honoured tradition of visiting the Market, nine businesses formed the Covent Garden Market Building Inc. in 1958. this building replaced the old Market, which contained four parking levels and an area on the main floor for the traditional Market.

In 1998, it became apparent that a new building was once again needed, and the new Market opened in October of 1999. Thousands of London citizens attended the unveiling of the newest version of a much-loved landmark.

With the Covent Garden Market’s fresh produce, gourmet foods, unique gifts, Public Square, seasonal outdoor farmers’ Market, ice rink and regular family programming, it continues to build on its long and rich traditions as one of London’s center of commerce and community.