March 17

Happy Thursday, everyone! We only have a quick newsletter for you today. This Saturday is Spring Equinox! Despite that snow earlier this week, Spring is closer than we think. What are you doing to celebrate? Speaking of celebrating, we hope you all found a safe way to enjoy St. Patrick's Day on Wednesday!

Indoor Live Music 🎶 🎼 🎵 ⁣

Our live music is back inside the market! Enjoy the sounds of live entertainment on our Mezzanine every Thursday to Saturday 11:30-1:00🙌⁣

What's Happening at the Market?

If you’re ever curious about what’s happening at the market, simply head to our events page on the website! Here’s the link so you can check it out.

The “happenings” we’ve got coming up are our Spring Mini Market on Sat., March 27th, and our Easter Market on Sat., April 3rd. These signal the start of our Farmers’ Market season!

Did you know?

As much as winter can be a bit of drag once we’ve been in the season for a while, it is crucial for the production of maple syrup! The drastic change in temperatures is what triggers the trees to start producing sap. Think about how much you love syrup with your pancakes (and pretty much every thing else if you’re like me) and be grateful for those long winter months!

Maple Syrup season is upon us! Lynch Maple Farms will be back at the Farmers’ Market when we open for Easter, so get ready to stock up with fresh syrup!

What’s the craziest thing you put Maple Syrup on? For me, it’s tacos. Yes, you read that right and I had the same reaction at first, but it’s changed everything. Drizzle some syrup on your taco protein next time (after cooked, when assembling), and let me know what you think!