All Local BBQ this Weekend!

If the weather didn't blow you away last week, the food at the All-Local-BBQ this weekend will! Remember you can buy your early bird tickets online here. Last week was such an amazing show of support from our London community. Buying local has a big impact, and we leave market every week feeling so grateful for our supporters. This week we are celebrating "Canadian Flower's Week."
"Canadian Flowers Week is an annual advocacy, education and awareness campaign that celebrates Canadian grown flowers. Throughout the week, we will engage the floral industry, the public, policymakers and the media, in a conversation about the origins of our flowers. We believe that local flowers are just as important as local food. They bring seasonality into our lives, making us realize when the best time of year is for sweet peas, just like we know when it's the best time to eat tomatoes. The public is becoming more engaged, and is keen on finding out where, when and how their flowers are being grown. Our goal, with the help of local flower communities across our country, is to build on that mindful momentum by forming bonds between farms, florists and consumers. Together, we can develop long lasting social impact which in turn will benefit local economics and bring Canadians the best quality flowers for years to come."-
Make sure to check out flowers from Z and Bee Co. on Thursday or Harris Flower Farms on Saturday!    

Petojo Indonesian Foods

The cooking class this Saturday will be taught by one of our Thursday vendors!

Chef Anthony will demonstrate how to make Gado Gado, one of Indonesia’s national dishes, made of seasonal vegetables and hard-boiled eggs, fried tempeh, rice cakes and peanut sauce. You’ll see how a traditional Gado Gado is assembled and how Chef puts his one modern twist on the classic salad.

If you haven’t had a chance to try their food yet, you can find either Anthony or Kimi, the brother-sister founders of Petojo Food, at the outdoor Farmers’ Market Thursday evenings 4-7.

About Petojo Foods:
“We make food our family and ancestors would be proud to eat.
The gift of food and cooking was passed down for generations in our family and we’re excited to share them with you. We founded Petojo Food & Catering in 2015 to introduce Indonesian food and cooking to Canadian plates and palates. Many of our foods come from family recipes, while some are inspired by our childhood vacations to Indonesia. What makes our food unique is the fusion of traditional Indonesian dishes, high quality imported ingredients and local Ontario produce. We meticulously develop dishes that are flavourful, wholesome and easy-to-prepare so that you can create special memories with your family and friends.”

Schools Out For Summer! Kids Night

Looking for summer activities with the kids this summer?

Next Thursday (Tonight!) from 4-7 we will be hosting a market geared towards families and their kids with the following activities!

  1. Make your own birdfeeder! Using locally foraged pinecones, birdseed and local honey, create a new point of focus for the backyard.
  2.  Who can blow the biggest bubble? Bubbles are fun, and the perfect outdoor activity for the summer time. Come try your hand at it!
  3. Sidewalk Chalk! We will have all the colours of the rainbow available, for chalk games, picture drawing and whatever creativity spurs in the moment.
  4. Bean Bag Toss with all our favourite felt vegetables.

We hope to see you out-tasting the good food of summer and enjoying the break from that epic heat wave! See you Thursday, outside on the square 4-7.

What's on this Week?