Community-the Name of the Game!

Hello Everyone! This past Monday is known as "Blue Monday" where many of us feel the weight of the shorter days and cold weather. Luckily it was one of the brightest days this week, and we know that our farmers' winter crops were loving all that sunshine. There are so many great events happening all over London and we are so appreciative to be a part of a community that gets us through the winter. This week the market is honoured to have two young woman, Allison and Amber joining us with their organization 519 pursuit. A compassionate approach to community is just the kind of thing we need this time of year. Details below.  


Through a friendship-based approach, 519Pursuit works to bridge the gap in our community by spreading homelessness awareness, building mutual trust, identifying gaps in service utilization, and alleviating the challenges associated with extreme poverty. 519Pursuit members hold a vision of an inclusive community where those experiencing homelessness can hit the restart button in order to re-energize, overcome their unique challenges and re-integrate into mainstream society.
Our Farmers’ Market is partnering with 519 pursuit to raise awareness on how we can be a part of London’s downtown community! Join us this weekend to learn all about them and chat with the organizers. This is also a chance to drop off any items that may help them in their compassion led journey!
Items of need:
– Flash lights , batteries
– Blankets
– Scarves
– Hats
– Mittens
– Boots
– Hoodies
– Jackets
– Snow pants
– Sweatpants
– Long John
– Long sleeve shirt
– Feminine products
– Tim Cards
– Water bottles
– Backpacks
– Pot light candles
– Hand warmers
– Tooth brush
– Tooth paste
– Hair brush
– Yoga mats
– Foam pads (for sleeping on)

Retired? Maybe not quite

Remember when Dee said she was retiring? She can’t stay away! She will be returning for two weeks while Joan from Joanies Pastries is on holidays. (There will still be a gluten free baker-Helm Baked)

MADE FROM SCRATCH will be bringing cappuccino muffins, healthy choice sunshine muffins, lemon coconut squares, date squares, gf rocky road brownies, vegan breakfast cookies, Buddha balls (vegan and gluten free) and maybe a coffee cake-if we’re lucky!

Harvest Moon Trading Co. previously known as Home Harmony is also returning this week after a well deserved vacation. Come chat with Emily to hear stories about Hot Sauce museums, Blood Moon Telescope views and all the cool people met along her journey. We are looking forward to having her preserves and pickles back on the menu!


What's on this week?

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Pay-What-You-Can Fitness:

Pilates with Niki CarrAt The Mat

Musician: Tom Taylor

Chef: Carmen Banquero-For Recipe-Click Here