Construction Update

It might be raining today (and did I see snow!?) but it has been gorgeous weather this past week. I've taken to spending more time Outdoors and exploring some of London's many parks, conservation areas, trails, and neighbourhoods - all while staying safe of course! We're expecting a lovely Spring day on Saturday, perhaps a bit chilly, but dry and sunny! Hopefully this mix of soft rains and warm days will nourish our plants. Who's working on their gardens already!? I've planted some herbs in my small planters (city living!) and am waiting to pick up some seedlings at the Farmers' Market before planting a bit more. Let me know how your progress is going! Remember that you can always talk to your farmers at the market when seeking advice. Last summer, my wee pepper plants were having some troubles - I made sure to talk to Ellen and Heather about what to do and learned so much. Having experts at your disposal is a privilege not to go unused!

Story Time!

The only gardening worry our farmers couldn’t help with is my missing tomatoes! I’m sure you all have lots of gardening stories to share that get some laughs, and we’d love to hear them! Here’s mine: I had three tomato plants I purchased as seedlings from Greystead Gardens that all grew fabulously. I had lots of wonderful tomatoes growing but as they ripened, they all disappeared! I almost snagged one but thought it could use one more day on the vine – and it was gone by the next morning.

I’m pretty sure it was squirrels or another neighbourhood animal, and to feel better, I had told myself: “at least they’re enjoying them.” But then, I came home one Saturday after the Farmers’ Market and found a gorgeously red tomato with only one single bite out of it, dejected beside my planter.

What a saga. I never did try one of those tomatoes. Thankfully I had some lovely greens and peppers to munch on, but I’ll have to get creative this year! Thank goodness for our farmers who do the hard work for us!!!

What are your planting stories? I want to hear all about the escapades you’ve experienced as you grow your food!

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Construction Update! 🚧👷⁣⁣

Let’s address the elephant in the room, or on the street, rather. King Street is looking a little intimidating at this point but we want to assure you, access to the Market is easy and we are OPEN.

Here are the updates:⁣⁣
– The Market Parking Garage is OPEN and easily accessible!⁣⁣ There is one lane open on King Street for vehicle traffic, and it is one way like usual. I had a very easy time making my way into the garage this morning and didn’t change my driving habits in any way!

      • I came from Queen Street, turned left onto Talbot Street, turned left onto King, and then left into the garage – I did have to drive over some gravel/dirt, but overall it was easy peasy, and just like usual!
      • Leaving the garage is a similar experience. You can still turn left out of the garage and then at Richmond and King, turn either left or right onto Richmond.

– Our King Street doors are open from the stairway and the elevators, but the sidewalk is torn up so access from walking traffic is not possible.

      • SO: we’ve opened up our Market Lane Doors! This will make walking into the Market that much easier. Our Talbot Doors are still open too!

– The Market is OPEN, Monday-Saturday 8-6, and the Farmers’ Market is open this weekend from 8-1! Our vendors appreciate your support!

Who's at the Market this Weekend?

This is the list, folks! See who you can find at the Farmers’ Market this Saturday, April 17th! Click on their names to find information on pre-orders and to learn more about their farms and businesses!

Check out their websites for more information about their products and to see what’s in season/currently available!