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Hello again! Are everyone's fingers blue with tart blueberry goodness? If you didn't get here early enough on Saturday, make sure to swing down to the market this Thursday evening for another chance or set your alarm to get here Saturday morning. They are a hot commodity this time of year. We also just got a call from the Corn Crib, and word on the street is that we will be getting sweet corn in about two weeks. Seasonality of food just makes everything taste that much better when you get it! This week we are asking you about the market! If you have a minute to spare we would love to hear from you. Click on the link here to share your market feedback: Customer Survey Link-Click Here  

Columbian Gastronomy Festival

The square that hosts our wonderful Farmers’ Market, also hosts a wide variety of other community events. This Sunday the Columbian Gastronomy Festival will be happening on Rotary Square.

“Join us outside on the Market Square where Stereo Caliente Entertainment will host the annual Colombian Gastronomy Festival. Offering authentic Colombian food with a unique flavour of Latin Music and a tasty Cold Beer. For more information please contact Stereo Caliente at 519-317-8818”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again-Community is the name of the game when it comes to shopping local, so we are so thrilled every time an event like this happens downtown!

Market Food Map

This week at Market try a new ritual!


Step 1: Grab an ice cold beer or a Kombucha from inside the market.

Step 2: Peruse the stands, while listening to live music

Step 3: Think about your purchases while munching on delicious food from the vendors.

Step 4: Make your purchases, and head home feeling satisfied, and relaxed.



Step 1: LINE UP FOR THOSE BLUEBERRIES AND/OR BREAD-these items disappear in minutes. Other hot items are fresh tomatoes this time of year.

Step 2: Once the chaos of the morning rush has subsided, and the heat begins to rise, try a cold brew coffee from Workshop cold brew, or a Smoothie from indoors!

Step 3: Take a stroll around the market, fill up on samples, good smells, and smiles. Take mental notes on things you want and then once your hands are coffee free get back to shopping!

Step 4: Head upstairs around 10:45 for a free cooking class or workshop. The theme changes every week, but we promise that you will learn something! Don’t forget to fill out our dot surveys on the way in.

Step 5: Take a minute to appreciate how wonderful our food community is and how awesome it is to have a farmers market with such great vendors in our city!


What's on this week?

Thursday July 18th 4-7:

Vendor List

Musician: Essence of Rain

Brewery: Storm Stayed Brewing Company

Saturday July 20th 8-1:

Vendor List

Musician: Caroline and Fox

Cooking Class at 11am-Chef to be Determined