Downtown Updates!

We are blown away every week when we see how many people keep coming back to support us. It means the world to me and our vendors. This weekend, we want to show our appreciation by offering free parking in two locations. The goal is to help mitigate stress when it comes to driving and parking downtown! The Budweiser Gardens parking lot on King St. will be available all of this weekend for parking. There will also be a detour around some construction happening at the intersection of Talbot and King, that will take you through market lane and bring you to the underground parking garage. The arm will be up and we will have free parking underground for all downtown supporters. Thank you for working with us-we know the city is going to be in tip top condition once the work is done, so we appreciate your patience during these growing pains. If you have questions about accessibility-please to not hesitate to reach out and ask.  

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Rachel Helm has many titles. Coffee Roaster, Photographer, and creator of the Podcast “Afternoon Bloom.” She can also be found outside at market representing her family Business Helm Baked every Thursday and Saturday at our Outdoor Farmers’ Market.

This Saturday, join us for a special workshop where Rachel will share her passion on coffee. Focusing on French Press brewing, Chemex Brewing and Iced Coffee techniques-be prepared to have your morning coffee game UPPED!

This workshop is free to attend, as are all of our Saturday workshops. It will be taking place in the Market Kitchen Upstairs 11-12. Coffee will be served with delicious samples from Helm Baked’s Gluten Free Selection. Vegan? We will provide options from our vendor The Naturally Vegan Food Company.



Survey Responses!

We have had some time to look over all the survey responses from the survey that was sent out a couple weeks ago. Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide us with constructive feed back. We wanted to take this opportunity to respond to a few of the concerns.

“Needs more vendors”

-This was a consistent theme in the answers. There are two factors to consider here. The first is that our market is a “true” farmers market, which means that we must maintain a minimum of 50% farm vendors. This limits our ability to bring in a large amount of artisan or craft vendors. The second factor is that our market is a producer based market, meaning that in the early spring and late fall we have fewer vendors because there are fewer things growing in the fields! We work hard to find a wide variety of farm vendors-if you know of any growing in the winter months we would love to have them join our market!

” Most of the vendors have at least a few products in single-use plastics, and I feel that that could be improved. It’s getting to a point where people are willing to bring their own bags/bins/containers, so I hope to see a change in the coming months!”

-This is something that all of our vendors talked about this year at our yearly meeting. We have been collaborating on ideas on how to reduce plastic at the market. Many are more than happy to work with you if you bring your own containers. We also encourage you to check out these events happening next week where we address the reusable bag issue! Thursday Event-Click Here Saturday Event-Click Here

“Some vendors from past years are not at the market this year 🙁 ”

-We know and we miss them too! Some of our favourite vendors have either retired or moved on to new paths or business ventures. If you see them out and about in London make sure to say hello and wish them well. Change at the market is inevitable and we have lots of great new vendors this year that would love to meet you.

Thank you again for taking the time, we will continue to read through the answers and work hard to give back to a community that supports us!


What's on This Week?

Thursday Market August 1st

Vendor List-Click Here

Musician: Essence of Rain

Kid Zone is happening again this week! It was such a hit last time around. We are using a suggestions from one of the attendees and making paper ice cream cones-in her words “I will absolutely be there!”

Storm Stayed Brewery for the Parents!

Saturday Market August 3rd

Vendor List-Click Here

Weekly Features: Low Sugar Strawberry Jam from Lynch Maple Farms, Sweet Corn, and MELONS!

Musician: Trusty Fox

Workshop: Coffee Brewing Techniques