519 Pursuit Clothing Drive

Through a friendship-based approach, 519Pursuit works to bridge the gap in our community by spreading homelessness awareness, building mutual trust, identifying gaps in service utilization, and alleviating the challenges associated with extreme poverty. 519Pursuit members hold a vision of an inclusive community where those experiencing homelessness can hit the restart button in order to re-energize, overcome their unique challenges and re-integrate into mainstream society.

Our Farmers’ Market is partnering with 519 pursuit to raise awareness on how we can be a part of London’s downtown community! Join us this weekend to learn all about them and chat with the organizers. This is also a chance to drop off any items that may help them in their compassion led journey!

Items of need:
– Flash lights , batteries
– Blankets
– Scarves
– Hats
– Mittens
– Boots
– Hoodies
– Jackets
– Snow pants
– Sweatpants
– Long John
– Long sleeve shirt
– Feminine products
– Tim Cards
– Water bottles
– Backpacks
– Pot light candles
– Hand warmers
– Tooth brush
– Tooth paste
– Hair brush
– Yoga mats

– Foam pads (for sleeping on)

Saturday January 26, 2019
9:00 AM - 1:00 pm
Upstairs Farmers' Market