MANIFEST 2023 will have performances from over 20+ Local artists, 3 international artists/DJs and 2 Local DJs with 20+ food vendors and small businesses in the area. Each of them brings unique custom music, dance, food, and businesses from within the community.

Focusing on celebrating our community’s roots while embracing new cultures, live music, vibrant traditional clothing and local businesses from London, ON. This event will take you on a one-of-a-kind experience; all in one location, all on the same day.

MANIFEST 2023 aims to promote inclusion and representations of all persons. In addition, MANIFEST 2023 is an inclusive space, open for transnational identities, and evoking a sense of safety and belonging.

Everyone is welcome to show their love and support! It is a day to celebrate the end of summer and the contributions of the diverse individuals that make up London, ON.

Join us as we celebrate diversity and come together as a community at MANIFEST 2023. This exciting festival will be taking place on Sunday September 3, 2023 at Covent Garden Market.

Be dazzled and awed as you experience MANIFEST 2023 and our fully-packed entertainment line-up.

Sunday September 3, 2023 - Sunday September 3, 2023
3:00 PM - 10:00 pm
Rotary Square