Stevie’s Sliders Trombone Ensemble

We are a brass band that started over 25 years ago and are the longest established trombone choir in Southwestern Ontario. We are all amateurs in the truest sense in that we “love” to play our instruments to the best of our ability while enjoying the fellowship unique to musicians.


We have established an extensive repertoire of Christmas music, movie themes, military marches, classical music, Dixieland, fanfares, sacred/gospel music, barbershop and much more.


We are open to like-minded trombone players who wish to share our “joy”.


Head upstairs to the Mezzanine on Tuesday, December 12th for the Stevie’s Sliders Trombone Ensemble.

Tuesday December 12, 2023 - Tuesday December 12, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:30 pm
Upstairs; Mezzanine