Heart Health February

How many of you were treated to a short work week? We saw a lot of great photos of people enjoying time spent with their Families this holiday Monday. Many of our vendors are small family businesses and know the value of spending time together with people you love, blood related or not! We hope that you are all well rested and look forward to seeing you this weekend, Saturday February 23rd. Lorraine from Morsels, pointed out to us that this month is Heart Health month. The market is a great spot to start for heart healthy foods and Lorraine will be putting forth an extra effort this week to make sure you are all taken care of. If you haven't had the chance to try her savoury baked goods with locally sourced vegetables this is your week! Check out what else is happening below.

Sous Vide Workshop

Chef Paul Paschink is teaching our free cooking class this week and serving up all things SOUS VIDE. Have you ever been curious about this cooking technique? We are looking forward to an opportunity to learn more and taste why Sous Vide cooking has become one of the hottest cooking trends out there!

WHAT IS SOUS VIDE? Chef Steps explains: “With traditional cooking methods, heat flows from a burner to a pan then into our food, or the glowing elements of an oven heat the air around the food, cooking it. Because the air in the oven and the metal in the pan are much hotter than you want your food to be, you’ve got to take it away from the heat at just the right time. Take it off too early or too late and your food is either over- or undercooked. But when cooking with water, instead of an oven or a pan, we can raise the temperature just enough to get the food to the exact temperatures we prefer. We can take it out as soon as it’s done cooking, or let it rest in the water until we’re ready to eat—no more obsessively checking inside the oven, no more chaining yourself to the stove.”

Paul will be handing out a detailed guide in class, and will experiment with a variety of foods for us all to try.

What's Happening this Week?

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Music: 10:30-12:30 Coming Up Roses will be serenading us with their sweet sounds this weekend. You can find them performing at events all over town such as the Boho Bazaar night markets, other farmers markets and most importantly upstairs this weekend at Covent Garden!

Pay-What-You-Can-Fitness: 9:00-10:00 Niki Carr from At The Mat returns from her trip to Bali -Join us for a pilates class and hear all about her trip!

Cooking Class: 11:00-12:00 with Paul Paschink-no recipe-Sous Vide workshop-technique based class-SERVING UP: Pork tenderloin from Marks and Beef short ribs from Chris’s Country Cuts- Butter-poached baby potatoes, maple-cumin carrots, and some mason jar creme brûlée. DELICIOUS!

Thank you for joining us at Covent Garden Farmers’ Market