Honey Bees in Winter🐝

Happy Thursday! It truly is beginning to feel like winter, what with the snow falls this week and how the snow has managed to stick around! Today we were thinking about honey bees. Our pollinator friends are so tiny, but in the right conditions, survive winter! That gives us hope that we can as well! 😉 We talk more about that below, where you can also find this week's vendor list! And take a peak at the couple of new things we have coming to the market this weekend!

Honey Bees in Winter 🐝

Honey Bees are vital to our ecosystem. Many plants and crops would not survive without the pollination that honey bees provide! But how do these tiny creatures survive winter? I found it pretty fascinating! 🐝

A healthy hive has a better chance of surviving than an unhealthy one. Beekeepers make sure to check their hive in late summer/early fall to make sure that a hive has a healthy laying queen bee. If the queen isn’t laying or is missing, a new queen needs to be introduced very quickly before winter because the hive will die without a healthy queen over the winter!

Another thing they look for at this time is honey supply! The hive will need a certain amount of honey to survive the winter so bee keepers need to make sure they leave enough in the hive at harvest. If the honey stores are low, beekeepers can substitute with alternative sources of energy, like sugary nectar. Hibernating bees will consume up to 30 pounds of stored honey during the winter to help produce body heat.

Other things beekeepers look out for are: finding a good sunny location for the hive, keeping out pests, insulating the hive (but not too much!), and then, leaving the honey bees to their work! They work hard and know what they’re doing!

As the weather starts to get colder, honey bees will stop flying. In the lower centre of the hive, the bees form a cluster and huddle together around the queen, and shiver to keep up the temperature (like a giant sleepover!). Bees take turns being on the inside and outside of the cluster so no bees get cold! Teamwork. As the weather warms, bees will leave the hive for short periods of time but they don’t go far – if their bodies get too cold, they won’t be allowed back in!

Honey bees should be busy hibernating for a while now, and we hope they all survive this winter! We can’t imagine our world without their important work. 🐝

Construction on King 👷⚠️⁣⁣

👷Traffic Update⚠️⁣

Please have patience with us for the next couple weeks as King Street will be temporarily closed to vehicle traffic between Talbot Street and our parking garage.⁣⁣ This closure is not ideal but it is necessary to allow crews to connect utility services to the new residential building.⁣⁣

The Market is OPEN and our parking garage is OPEN and fully accessible, just a different route!⁣⁣ To access our parking garage during this time, drivers can use Covent Garden Place (Market Lane) from Talbot Street just north of King Street. Please keep your eyes peeled for the detour signage and the flag attendant directing traffic to ensure a smooth transition.⁣⁣

The work is expected to be completed by Nov 30th, if not sooner! 🙏⁣⁣ We appreciate all your support during this time!⁣⁣

Christmas Decor, Mittens, and Fresh Eggs!

This Saturday, we will have fresh eggs at the farmers’ market! Our favourite smoked fish vendor, Den Besten’s, will have fresh eggs for sale – ask them about their chickens!

Also new this week, is Joy from Empire Valley Farm. Many of you probably know her, and she will again have her holiday greenery, fresh wreaths, and more!

And another familiar face: Joyce from Joyful Mitts will be there with her wool mitts!

Who Can You Find at the Farmers' Market this Weekend?

This is the list, folks! See who you can find at the Farmers’ Market this Saturday, November 21st! Click on their names to find information on pre-orders and to learn more about their farms and businesses!

Check out their websites for more information about their products and to see what’s in season/currently available!

And, Mark’s Fine Meats will have their sliders available Indoors!