Market Closures: How to Continue Supporting Local

Hello, London. It is with a heavy heart that we let you know that effective 6PM on Wednesday March 18th, the Covent Garden Market will be closed completely, including the Farmers' Market. This was a difficult decision, but the safety of our customers, tenants, vendors, and community is number one! ⁣ Our hope and expectation is that we will re-open on April 1st with the Farmers' Market open again on April 4th. However, we will have to see how this unfolds and keep you updated. Thank you to all our AMAZING and loyal customers! Your continued support over the last couple of difficult days has been remarkable! Most importantly, it is still VERY possible to continue supporting local! Read below for best ways to contact our Farmers' Market vendors and get your hands on their amazing products! ⁣ We will make it through! Let’s all keep safe and healthy! 💛

Support Local!

With the Farmers’ Market closing, many of our weekend vendors have found alternative ways for you to reach their product! This is very exciting as it means little to no disturbance of your regular Saturday routine of enjoying their wonderful products!

Morsels: Please contact Lorraine through email or phone to place an order. You are welcome to pick up or ask for delivery! // 519-642-2391

Helm Baked: Helm Baked are doing doorstep deliveries on weekends! Orders need to be in by Thursday evening for delivery on Saturday. See their order menu here.

Lynch Maple Farms: The Lynch Family has plenty of Maple Syrup on hand at their Farm! Please call them first to make pick-up arrangements. 519-471-7310

Blanbrook Bison Farm: You are more than welcome to head straight to the farm to pick-up any Bison products you need! Their address is: 5679 Line 4 RR 6 St. Mary’s N4X1C8

Pillitteri Estates Winery: Terry still has access to VQA wine, so contact her with any requests!

Dave’s Beef & Lamb: Contact Dave to place an order or arrange a pick-up or delivery! 519-666-0626 //


Don’t see your favourite vendor’s information here? Head to their social media accounts and reach out directly.

How You Can Continue to Support Local

There are many ways that you can continue to support your favourite local businesses at this time!

  1. You can buy gift cards! This is a great way to provide a local business with financial support without putting yourself and others in harm’s way by venturing out. Plus, it’ll be so much fun to redeem this at a later date!
  2. Leave a stellar review! This is a small action that will do wonders for their business both now and long term. If their business is stunted now, this can help them get back on their feet!
  3. Support their social media efforts! Social media is a huge way that small businesses create and build their customer base. By following them, liking and sharing their posts, writing supportive comments, you are not only helping them reach more potential customers, but also boosting their morale which is much needed right now!
  4. Postpone; Don’t Cancel! A lot of events and outings are being cancelled right now which is an important measure to take, but can leave local businesses feeling helpless. Reschedule for a later date (however much in the future you feel comfortable) so these businesses can plan for the future.
  5. Stocking Up? Do it Locally! If you think it’s necessary to stock your freezers and pantries, you can do that while simultaneously supporting local! Breads, meats and veggies all stay well frozen, and locally produced preserves and baked goods are an essential! Look to #6 for how to access their product.
  6. OF COURSE: Buy their products! So many local businesses are offering alternative ways to reach their products and services and have posted these measures on their social media accounts and websites. If not, find their contact information, send them a message or give them a call and ask how you can place an order! If they can’t fill it, I’m sure they’ll still be thankful for your support.
  7. When in Doubt, ASK: If you want to support a local business, but don’t know how: ask them. There’s always something we can do to support each other to get through this difficult time!

WHY is this Important?

If you’re wondering WHY this is so important, local businesses are extremely valuable to our communities! Here are just a few reasons:

  • The money you put towards a local business stays in the community and will find it’s way back to you in some way.
  • Local businesses are more likely to support other local businesses, community endeavors and non-profit initiatives.
  • They employ your neighbours! (And possibly, you?)
  • Local businesses bring products that are needed by their specific communities, meaning they cater to you and your shopping needs, not global sales goals.
  • Creativity! Local businesses are creative, diverse, and innovative!
  • They often have a smaller carbon footprint than large companies and they generally care about the environment!
  • Local business owners are generally WONDERFUL people! (But I might be biased.)

And so many more!!

Stay safe, London!