Carver’s Natural Farms
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Carver’s Natural Farms

Darryl and Shauna Carver

Meet Darryl and Shauna Carver and their family from Carver’s Natural Farms! We love having their littles at the market with us and seeing their smiles and adventures every Saturday!

Located in Petrolia, Carver’s Natural Farms is a small, family run farm that first began raising chickens only for their own consumption. They soon decided to expand and join the Artisanal Chicken Program of Ontario so they could share their chicken with others such as ourselves! How lucky are we?

2020 was their first year attending markets, and they love being “able to connect with people who appreciate and respect the way we do what we do.”

In addition to their chicken, they also raise pigs and grow nine varieties of gourmet garlic including Persian Star, Crème de la Rosa, Kostyn’s Red and German Red. Garlic is more varied than you know – ask the Carvers at the market which garlic is best for your needs!

When it comes to their chicken, the Carvers choose certified organic feed, and raise their chickens on pasture. “Our chickens live out their lives on Pasture, free to roam, peck around, eat bugs, grass and Alfalfa.” They don’t only do this for the animals or for the quality of the product, but also for the land. Their animals fertilize the soil so nature can flourish!

“After years of dreaming about creating a sustainable homestead for us and our family,” write the Carvers, “we made our vision a reality, of not only creating a home for us and our 3 boys, but creating a way of life, and a community of agriculture for those who wish to know where their food comes from.”

Head to their website and social media to learn more about Carver’s Natural Farms, their farming practices, and information on how to pre-order and arrange delivery. And sign up for their newsletter to get all the updates!