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Sue Helm and her daughters work together to bring you home baked goods. Always delicious and almost always Gluten Free. Sue Helm has always loved baking for her family of six who, like the rest of us I’m sure, love to eat baked goods! When her son was diagnosed with celiac disease, that love did not stop – it rose to the challenge! Sue adapted her recipes to be gluten-free and always ensures they taste just as delicious as “regular” ones! (Some say more so!)

In 2017, Sue and her daughter Sara started Helm Baked, a family business with its name derived from the family’s last name and a play on the phrases “home-baked,” “half-baked,” and the like. And it truly is a family business. With Sara and Sue, Sara’s partner Jacob assists with deliveries and working at markets, and you’ll most likely spot Sue’s daughter Rachael at our farmers’ market most Saturday mornings – this in addition to the other Helm family members who we often have the privilege of seeing at the market as well.

Since 2017, Helm Baked has seen many fruitful years of business. At first, they solely did custom orders baked from the additional health department certified kitchen Sue had built in her home in Aylmer. Then, Locomotive Espresso in London took them on as one of their bakers. Now, they have also expanded to providing treats for Streamliners Espresso Bar, Haven’s Creamery, and Grace Pantry.

Of course, we’re also lucky enough to have Helm Baked’s gluten-free treats as part of our market family! Farmers’ Market mornings have been a tradition in the Helm Family since the Helm kids were little. They love the opportunity to now be on the opposite side of the table and build personal connections with their customers. “We really cherish the relationship we have with our customers that we wouldn’t have if not for the market,” they write. “Interacting with customers face to face helps guide our choices and encourages us to try new things!”

What are those new things? They change often as Helm Baked loves the challenge of “experimenting with local produce when in season, and pairing unique flavours together.” You can usually find an assortment of cookies, loaves, butter tarts, squares, brownies, pies, and cake made with real butter! If you’re not sure what to try first, pick up an assorted box – it’s got a bit of everything!

You are welcome to view Helm Baked’s monthly menu found on their Instagram, Facebook, and website, and order through email at hello@helmbaked.com. Each week, they have a few order slots available to pick-up at the farmers’ market, where you can also pick up custom orders. Otherwise, they post a list each Saturday of what they will have at the farmers’ market that day, which is first-come, first-serve, but always gluten-free and fresh!