Night Market Sunshine

Hello Everyone! We are feeling the energy start to pick up here at the farmers' market. Slowly people are starting to get back into the groove of market shopping, slow coffee mornings with local baker's treats, home fridges filling up with local produce and reconnecting with friends new and old. After a number of rainy markets, our Saturday market last week was rain free! Thursday markets have also been weather miracles, where the sun seems to come out just in time for market. It must be a sign of good things to come this season.    

What's in Season?

Every year we get questions about when certain products will be available at market. We have attached a link from Ontario Foodland here. It gives you the full list of products and times of availability in our region! -Click Here

Keep in mind that this guide is aiming to reflect all of Ontario which is a huge province with many different zones. Things like cranberries are not found in our part of Ontario so you won’t find them at our outdoor market. Luckily we have great vendors indoors that bring in these products we would not otherwise have access too. If you are craving one of these items, make sure to check out Havaris or Doris Produce. You never know what you might find! Homeopathy London, also carries some great local food products, such as grass fed butter from Thornloe Ontario.



Dot Surveys

Have you participated in our market surveys? We’ve been asking some fun questions and it is so great to see people sharing their experiences.

Last Saturday we asked “How did you get to market today?” Here are the results and some market tips to go along with each mode of transportation.

Car: 49

(Did you know we have free two hour parking underground on Saturday? We also have free 30 min during the week, and on Thursdays, street parking is free after 6pm)

Bike: 11

(Did you know that we have bike racks in our underground garage? They are under full surveillance so there is no need to worry about not having a way back home!)

Walking: 38

(Such a good way to enjoy the season of warmth!)

Bus: 12

(The market is surrounded by many bus stops, look up your route on google maps! )

One person claimed to have come by spaceship!

What's on this week?


Vendor List: Who has What-Saturday-Click Here

Musician: Frank Ridsdale

Cooking Class: Emily Griffin from Harvest Moon Trading Co. will be teaching the class this weekend, sharing some creative ways on how to use all the best of this season. Rhubarb and asparagus galore. Come down 11-12 and check it out!


Vendor List: Thursday Who Has What-Click Here

Musician: Donald Waugh

Sample of the Week: Orchard Hill’s prepared food line, Killdeer-created by Farmer and Chef Ellen Laing