Packed Full November

With November being here, there are lots of fun in store, stay tuned for all things Christmas! In the meantime, mark your calendars for these exciting events.
Check out our upcoming events:   November 11th:
  • Neuropathy for All, 11am-6pm
 November 12th:
  • The Mom Market, 11am-4pm
 November 17th, 18th & 19th:
  •  Fibre Arts Festival & Sale

Don't miss our ongoing events: Every Wednesday:
  •  Lunchtime Bistro Live Music, 12pm-2pm
Every Saturday:
  •  Outdoor Farmer's Market, 8am-1pm
  •  Live Music on Rotary Square, 8:30am-1pm
  •  Free Cooking Demonstration, 11am-12pm

And now, the moment you've been waiting for...  Drum Roll, Please!  We're kicking off our Holly Jolly Market:  November 24th:
  •  Indoors, 12pm-7pm
  •  Outdoors, 12pm-10pm
 November 25th:
  •  Indoors, 10am-7pm
  •  Outdoors, 10am-9pm
November 26th:
  •  Indoors, 11am-5pm
  •  Outdoors, 11am-5pm

It's going to be an amazing November!


Thank you for coming back; this is our fifteenth installment of Vendor Highlights, where we dive in and explore a different vendor each week, allowing you to learn more about them and discover their story and some hidden gems. Today, we would like you to have a glimpse at the story behind Bhan & Seema from New Delhi Deli:

On July 8th, 2010, Bahn opened the beloved New Delhi Deli right here in the heart of the Market.  Her passion for her craft shines through as she not only whips up mouthwatering dishes but also cherishes every interaction with her customers, relishing the unique stories and wisdom each person brings to her table.

What truly sets her apart is her commitment to uniting everyone through food. At New Delhi Deli, there’s a place for everyone at the table! In September 2019, Seema joined Bahn on this culinary journey, and together, they have continued to bring you the finest flavours

Their secret? They craft their own signature spices, ensuring a daily surprise on the menu, always fresh and never compromising on their classic favourites.

They also offer gluten-free and vegan options, New Delhi Deli welcomes all tastes and preferences. It’s a community where you can simply sit down and feel like you’re in your own family’s kitchen! If you’re yearning for those comforting home-cooked meals, pay a visit to New Delhi Deli, where Bahn & Seema will greet you a big smile and hearty dishes!

Vendor highlights are all about shining a spotlight on the heart and soul of each vendor and learning more about the who, the what and the why around their story. If you’ve enjoyed this journey, join us again next week for another vendor and a new highlight as we continue celebrating the outstanding contributors that make our Market a genuinely magical place.


We are super excited about launching our Market Loyalty Card program! When you spend a minimum of $10 at any participating indoor vendor locations, you will receive a sticker, once your card is full, you will receive a $25 CGM Gift Card. One sticker per transaction. Once cards are ready to be redeemed, you can be bring it to the Office (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) and on weekends you can redeem your card at the Tea Haus on our upper level.

You can get your Loyalty Card at any of the participating vendors or in the Market office. The card itself is the size of a business card to easily fit into your wallet.


This is the list, folks! See who you can find at the Outdoor Farmers’ Market this Saturday, November 4th from 8AM to 1PM on the Rotary Square. Click on their names to find information on pre-orders and to learn more about their farms and businesses! 


We are entering the last week of The 519Pledge For Socks & your donations are creating change in our community!🧦 Consider donating a new pair of socks to @519pursuit this Saturday, outside at the Farmers Market 8–1 💛

Winter happens fast and can happen overnight. For friends facing homelessness and extreme poverty, there is little to no time to prepare. Survival is at the front lines of day-to-day living and we are hoping to keep people warm. Starting the day with a clean/fresh pair of socks can re-energize and support one’s overall health and comfort. With the weather fluctuating and environmental factors changing all the time, friends facing homelessness and extreme poverty can be found in damp, cold, or sometimes very wet socks. We want to change this! We want to make sure no toes go cold this winter!


Travis Beatty will be performing outside on the Rotary Square this Saturday from 8:30am to 10:30am.

Travis Beatty aims to show London and the world what a man with a ukulele can do. With 4 strings and a soul that will fill, but also break, hearts Travis Beatty (aka B TEA), resides in London, Ontario and always aims to impress. With many covers as well as originals, he puts a different style and sound to everything he plays. From hit songs in rock, alternative, indie, pop and hip hop, he is slowly becoming a human radio.


Shawn Andrew will be performing outside on the Rotary Square this Saturday from 11am to 1pm.

Shawn Andrew is a singer songwriter, composer, producer & music teacher, based out of London, Ontario. Shawn began to pursue a musical career upon graduating with a degree in Elementary Education and Music Education from the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança in Portugal. While performing in several venues across London, Shawn is seeking to collaborate with other artists and perform wherever the music takes him. As of summer, 2022, Shawn Andrew’s works promise an evening of delight, original, poetic, harmonious compositions and rhythmic arrangements.


This Saturday, join us in the market kitchen for our cooking class hosted by Kimi Abdullah. Kimi will be demonstrating how to make some holiday appetizers! 

This Saturday will be the last Saturday we are taking donations for the 519Pledge for Socks. Please help our community and consider making a donation!


  • Saturday, November 11 | Kimi Abdullah – Holiday Appetizers; Pineapple & Prosciutto Tarts and Strawberry & Rose Danishes
  • Saturday, November 18 | Ankita Vaidya – Old British Curry
  • Saturday, November 25 | NO COOKING CLASS

Doors open at 10:40am, class starts at 11am. No registration is required. First come, first served.


Naturopathy for All Winter Warm Up is a fundraiser for Naturopathy for All, making naturopathic medicine accessible to everyone!

Naturopathic medicine is one of the many valuable approaches needed to transform the health outcomes attained by many Canadians. It’s approach combines the strengths of many beautiful modalities such as acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, lifestyle changes, nutrition and much more to address the root cause of illness. Furthermore, naturopathic doctors work within an intercollaborative framework with not only other care providers, but the valuable array of practitioners that are transforming the lives of others such as herbalists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners to attain the best outcomes possible.

Yet despite its effective approach, naturopathic medicine is out of reach for many Canadians given the costs associated with it. Therefore, Naturopathy for All was created as a way to eradicate these financial barriers to make naturopathic care more accessible. So I invite you on the 26th to support this beautiful event as it not only brings together an array of holistic practitioners within our community, but its proceeds go towards funding naturopathic care for countless Canadians. If you cannot make it, ensure to visit Naturopathy for All’s website to find out how you can support their Amazing endeavour.

For more information follow Naturopathy For All 


Join The Mom Market London upstairs in the Mezzanine this Sunday where you can shop local from an amazing assortment of small businesses and talented handmakers. Find one of a kind items and make memories with your family, all while supporting #locallondon! Make sure to follow them on Instagram for more information on attending vendors!

Lunchtime Bistro

Grab your lunch and join us upstairs to the Mezzanine every Wednesday from 12pm to 2pm for Lunchtime Bistro Live Music!


  • Born in Malaysia, Nicole initially moved to Canada to pursue her musical endeavours in classical piano and voice in 2009. Upon completing her Masters in Vocal Performance and Literature at Western University in 2015, she found herself unexpectedly gravitating toward the world of jazz. Today, she performs with the Nicole Tan Combo; where they playfully showcase jazzified contemporary music, bossa nova, originals, and well-loved standards with a twist.
  • A versatile performer and songwriter, Nicole is at home with both the contemporary and the classical, while boasting a repertoire of over ten languages. Currently, she is enjoying an active performing and real estate career, while conducting vocal workshops and sessions in Asia when she travels.
  • Nicole is the winner of the 2022 Forest City London Music Awards (Jazz Vocalist) and the recipient of the 2018 Jack Richardson London Music Awards (Classical Vocal Solo). She is also the grateful nominee of the 2019 and 2020 FCLMA, and a holder of the RCCO Award (2017), BGM Competition Award, I.K. Cheah Memorial Award, Hedy King Robinson Award (ABRSM), Distinction of the Arts Award (Columbia International College), and the Western Graduate Research Scholarship (WGRS).


  • Violinist Jonathan De Souza has performed jazz, classical, and folk music across Canada, the United States, and the UK. He completed his undergraduate degree at Western’s Don Wright Faculty of Music, where he is now an associate professor of music theory.


  • Nathan Nykor is a keyboard player from Burk’s Falls, Ontario, currently residing in London, Ontario. He plays a variety of instruments, but mostly uses piano, rhodes and synthesizers. His music reflects an interest in classical and jazz piano, as well as hip hop, funk, ambient, electronic, and more. In addition to performance, Nathan also does session work and records and produces music.
  • Nathan has an MMus in Piano Literature and Performance from Western, an MA in Music Theory from Western, and a BMus in Piano Performance from Laurentian. His academic path has been largely focused on classical music, however he has been playing in Jazz combos, big bands and other groups since beginning his BA at Laurentian in 2015. His Theory MA focused on Barry Harris’ approach to jazz ballads. Currently, Nathan performs regularly with several groups including a jazz trio and a jazz/hip hop/funk quintet called Juice Joint.