Preparing for May 16th!

Happy Thursday! Raise your hand if you're excited for the Farmers' Market this weekend! The weather looks like it'll work in our favour, and we are all set to see your happy, smiling faces once again! Right now, supporting your local farmers, growers, and small businesses is very important, and a great way to do so is attending your local farmers' market - they are an essential way to bring food from the fields and the kitchens to your tables! To make sure we all have a successful and safe market day, we've listed a few things below that we ask our customers to do! Make sure to scroll all the way down to read about WHY exactly we love farmers' markets so much, and to see which vendors you can find at the market this Saturday! Thank you for supporting local, London!

A Quick Reminder that...

…the Covent Garden Indoor Market is also open Monday through Saturday, 9-5! This is a great place to do your essential shopping and support local business! Right now, fresh food is closer than ever, with short lines, great food, and wonderful people!

Farmers' Market Best Practices

As we prepare to open the Farmers’ Market on Saturday, we ask that our customers please keep the following things in mind:

At this time, the Market will be open on Saturdays only and from 9AM to 1PM. We will have one entrance to the market, Talbot Street, where Security will be screening our customers for visible signs of illness and limiting their entrance to the market. We ask that you sanitize your hands, read the signs at the entrance with vital information, and adhere to the rules.

  • You will be asked to:
      • not enter the market if you have a cough, fever, or difficult breathing.
      • only enter the market if you are there to shop for your essential items.
      • follow recommended social distancing practices and use the arrows for guidance on how walk the market square.
      • not touch products if at all possible, and ask your vendor for assistance.
      • use contactless methods of payment whenever possible. Some of our vendors may be accepting cash.
  • You will not be permitted to bring your reusable containers. However, you are welcome to use your reusable bags. Please do not place this bag or your personal belongings on your vendors’ tables.
  • Our vendors will not be offering food samples at this time.
  • Should you need to use a washroom, you will be asked to exit the market square and enter the market building using the King Street entrance to use the washrooms found there.

Thank you for your understanding! We’ll see you there this Saturday at 9!

Why do you love your local Farmers' Market?

The countdown is on for Saturday! Only a couple of days left. I can barely contain my excitement! ⁣
There are SO MANY reasons to love Farmers’ Markets, but I’ve somehow managed to narrow down four of my favourites below! ⁣

Why do you love your local Farmers’ Market?

1. KNOW YOUR FARMER, KNOW YOUR FOOD: At Farmers’ Markets, you can #meetyourfarmer and #meetthemaker! And when you meet them, ask them the questions that matter to you! Knowing where and who your food comes from will help you understand your food and make you excited to eat your food!⁣

2. FRESH IS BEST: The only way your food could be fresher is if you grew it yourself in your own backyard! All of our vendors at the Outdoor Farmers’ Market grow it, raise it, bake it or make it themselves, meaning it comes out of the ground and out of their kitchens, and straight into your hands. Fresh food tastes better and lasts longer!⁣

3. SUPPORT LOCAL: Your local Farmers’ Market vendors are farmers and small business owners from your local community. By supporting them, you support your local economy and your local food systems, which support YOU!⁣

4. FOOD LITERACY: From recipes and meal tips, to funky food you’d never dare try or hadn’t even heard of (until now!), Farmers’ Markets are a great place to learn about food. Ask questions, be open to new ideas, and know your food! You’d be surprised at how many tricks your food has up its sleeves.

Let us know what your reasons are! We’ll see you on Saturday at 9!

Saturday Outdoor Market Vendors

This Saturday, we have the following vendors joining us at the Farmers’ Market! They would love to see your faces!

  1. Sungold Market Garden, fresh produce
  2. Orchard Hill Farm, fresh produce
  3. Greystead Gardens, fresh produce
  4. Thames River Melons, fresh produce
  5. The Welsh Baker, Brunch Boxes and Welsh Cakes
  6. La Houlette de Vie, breads and pastries
  7. The Hot Sauce Co., premium hot sauces

Please see this list for more of our vendors who will be joining us at a later date! Many of our vendors, including those joining us this Saturday, are taking online orders and are scheduling deliveries and pick-ups!