Retirement Announcement!

Skating, Hot Chocolate and a Burek sound like the perfect weekend activity! Maybe we will see you around, while we wait for the first farmers' market of 2020. It is only two weeks away and we CAN NOT WAIT! For this week's newsletter we have a special note from a newly retired farmer, Antony John from Soiled Reputation:
"I will always marvel at the miracle of taking an inert time capsule like a seed, introduce it to moist soil and warm temperature, and watch new life spring forth. I've repeated this process year after year, over the same patch of Sebringville clay loam, and it's still a miracle to me. This seems like an appropriate time to announce the shutting down of Soiled Reputation, after 27 years. It's been a long row to hoe, but we're both very proud of our accomplishments. We are not however, retiring, rather, sowing seeds of a different kind, on much larger ecosystems than our farm. I am thrilled and proud to announce I am resuming my career as a struggling Canadian Realist painter, and that Tina and I will be acting and active goodwill ambassadors for both OSA Conservation and Amazon conservation in Costa Rica and Peru, respectively. In addition to recruiting and consulting, we will be leading tropical ecology tours to these incredible destinations, and I will be highlighting the important Conservation work Adrian Forsyth and his teams do, through my paintings of the wildlife they help preserve. Everything we've learned as organic farmers now has a chance to have a larger ripple effect, AND I get to paint and show people birds. I can't wait to get started. Happy New Year everyone, and thank you Adrian and Enrique Ortiz for the incredible opportunity. Watch. This. Space."
We wish you all the best in 2020 Antony. We will miss you but take comfort in knowing that so many new and young farmers are working hard to bring us a new generation of food growers!