Summer Solstice

The longest day of the year is almost here and we get to celebrate the summer solstice together at market this Thursday June 20th. While we have all been complaining about the rainy cold weather and saying "where is summer?" we seem to have forgotten that the first day of summer has yet to officially happen! June 21st will hopefully mark a grand turn around and bring some sunshine into our lives. We are already getting glimpses of summer bounty at market with the produce stands becoming more colourful each week. We love spring greens and winter roots, but the excitement of warm tomatoes and sweet peppers is beginning to brew. Remember: Strawberries from Joyce Farms, Howe Farms and Thames River Melons are all here this week.    

Maple all year long!

This past week we were chatting with Lorraine from Lynch maple farms. She went over the process and details of how maple butter was made, and made sure to clarify that there is in fact NO BUTTER in maple butter.

Lorraine cooks the maple syrup down to the thread stage, she let’s it cool and then uses an electric drill to whip it! They are unable to use a regular mixer because the mixture is too thick that the mixer can break.

The result is a beautiful creamy sweet spread that works well on just about anything. This Saturday June 22nd we will be handing out sweet samples of it on slices of Seth’s baguette. Come try something new and support the loveliest maple vendors around!

Cooking Class

Last week we hosted our cooking class outdoors. It was a huge success and we are so grateful to everyone that stopped by.

This weekend we are back upstairs in the kitchen. We are so thrilled to have Tim Drew, a local vegan chef join us to teach us some amazing techniques and innovative recipes. His great sense of humour and extensive experience in the London restaurant industry is going to make for an amazing class!

Tim Drew is currently the head Chef of Los Lobos kitchen and is very involved in all the Wolfepack restaurants in London. (Early Bird, Nite Owl, Wolfe of Wortley, ect)

 Click Here for a preview of what we will get to taste and learn!


What's on This Week?

Thursday June 20th 

Live Music: Deni Gauthier

Brewery: Storm Stayed

Vendor List-Who Has What-Click Here

-Please Note, Seth will be away this Thursday-

Saturday June 22nd

Live Music: Nicholas Woolf

Cooking Class: Chef Tim Drew, Recipe  Click Here

Who has What-Vendor List-Saturday