The Ice Rink is Returning Soon!

Happy Thursday! We've just begun prepping for our ice rink and that means you'll find the Farmers' Market in a slightly different place this Saturday - still outdoors and on the square, but on the upper level by the large glass windows. That's where you'll find us for the next four weeks! We have a couple of notable things happening this week: Dave from Dave's Beef & Lamb is back, The Community Woodshop is also back with wood holiday items, Dee is back with her baked goods, and Mulberry Moon Farm is joining us! They are a small-scale, ecological family farm that you may recognize from other local farmers' markets. We're exited to have them with us this week. Joyce Farms is taking a one week hiatus so in addition to Mulberry Moon Farm, you'll find Janssens and Greystead! Lots of produce to go around. Also note that this is Da Costa's last week at Market this year, so make sure to enjoy and say hello!

Indigenous Artisan Market

When you head Indoors this Saturday, make sure to head up to the Mezzanine, too. From 11AM to 4PM, you’ll find the Indigenous Artisan Market, a beautiful display of Indigenous makers, artists, and performers.

Vydel Sands will take over the Market kitchen and prepare Indigenous Comfort Food!

Ojibwe artist, Sean Couchie will share stories about his art that only his brush can tell.


1:30pm-2:00pm- outside at Dundas and Richmond (weather permitting); Eagle Flight Singers & Red Movement Dance Troupe


Oneida Sweet Treats

Bear Paw Creations and Supplies

Little Bear Gifts

Sapling & Flint

Cutting Edge Impressions

Aahaasuwiimiikwan Creations

Atlohsa Gift Shop

KingKwe Earrings

Thunderbird Trading Post

Earth Spirit Holisitcs

Festival of Markets

There is SO much happening on Dundas Place in the next few weeks. We brought this up quickly last week, but here’s more info!

The Festival of Markets is taking place on Dundas Place between Ridout Street and Talbot Street and will feature 12 shipping container vendor booths, art installations, live music, and unique gift options.

WEEK 1: Festival of Markets presents IndigenART
November 26-28
Curated Indigenous vendors, food, art, and music. You can expect to find clothing, beading, zines, ceramics, and health and wellness products.

WEEK 2: Festival of Markets presents A Very Vintage Xmas
December 3-5
Curated vintage vendors, art installations, and music. You can expect to find clothing, housewares, decor, and jewellery. There will also be a retro bus on site for one-of-a-kind photo opportunities.

WEEK 3: Festival of Markets presents PopART
December 10-12
Curates pop art vendors, art galleries, and music. You can expect to find beautiful illustrations on display, comic books, collectables, and clothing.

WEEK 4: Festival of Markets presents Afrique
December 17-19
Curated African vendors, food, and music. You can expect to find handmade items, pieces of art, and jewellery.

BONUS: Last Minute London on December 23rd from 10-5

FRIDAYS 5-10pm
SUNDAYS 12-4pm

Saturday Vendor List

This is the list, folks! See who you can find at the Farmers’ Market this Saturday, November 27th from 8am to 1pm! Click on their names to find information on pre-orders and to learn more about their farms and businesses!

Check out their websites for more information about their products and to see what’s in season/currently available!