Vendor Updates

Happy Thursday! It's a rainy fall day in London but it looks like it will be dry on Saturday so we're excited! Last weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving, and we want to say thank you to everyone who included local in their weekend. We hope you were able to celebrate the Harvest Bounty in some way, even if it was different this year! This Saturday, we have one new and one returning vendor joining us! Check below to find out who they are and for some more updates on our vendors.

Vendor Updates: Apples, Gourmet Mushrooms, and Preserves every week!

This Saturday, we have a new farmer, Joe Fisher from Fisher’s Fungi Farms, joining our market family! Joe will have fresh, local gourmet mushrooms and hopes to be with our market for the rest of our season until Christmas! Make sure to give them a warm welcome!

Janssens’ Farm Fresh Produce will be back at the market again this Saturday! It will be Andrew, not Ray, but don’t worry – it will be the same delicious produce! They will mainly have their apples and apple cider, but also a variety of vegetables. For now, they will be with us for one weekend only, but we hope that they are able to join us for longer.

Harvest Moon Trading Co. will now be with us every week, not every other as they had been doing. This means delicious, local preserves every Saturday – how exciting!

While we do have new vendors joining us, it is also reaching the end of some of our farmers’ growing seasons. This may be Joyce Farms’ last week at our market, but they may be here next week too. The Wandering Bee hopes to be at the market this Saturday, but we’ll have to wait to find out for sure, after they hit the fields.

We also have some vendors with us who, while they’ve been with us for a few weeks now, are fairly new! If you haven’t stopped by at Vaka Chocolate for some ethically crafted bean to bar chocolate, or at Sun Sweet Catering for one of their many varieties of hummus and garlic spreads, then make sure to stop by their booths this weekend!

And! Don’t forget our many other vendors! Check below for this Saturday’s list!

Who Can You Find at the Farmers' Market this Saturday?

This is the list, folks! See who you can find at the Farmers’ Market this Saturday, October 17th! Click on their names to find information on pre-orders and to learn more about their farms and businesses!

Check out their websites for more information about their products and to see what’s in season/currently available!

Live Music (10 a.m. to 12 p.m.): Jason Mercer

Extra: 519Pursuit Sock Drive and, as always, Mark’s Fine Meats will have sliders!