When are we moving inside?

Hello cold weather! Many of you have been asking when the market moves inside and the answer is a wild one-Not until February. Yes, you read that correctly. For the remainder of the year, November and December we will still be outside. The skating rink goes in on the square every year and as our farmers retreat for the season, we stick close together on the upper level to stay warm! This year we have decided to add patio heaters, twinkly lights, and complimentary hot cider to keep everyone's spirits warm. The indoor part of the market upstairs will be full with a number of upcoming Christmas craft markets put on by groups from all over the city. You can stay tuned as to what is happening on our events page.

Last Thursday Market of the Season

This week is our last market for the after-work Thursday market. It was our first full season trying something new and we are so grateful for all the support. We were able to have so many more vendors join us, see new faces who couldn’t make it to market previously and are inspired for next year already. Continue to spread the word, and we will see you Thursday folks next year!

To end the 2019 Thursday market, we will be running our final day for the October sock drive and having a small Halloween celebration! See you there 4-7

Music at the Market

As the months get colder we unfortunately have to say goodbye to our lovely musicians. We have been treated to an array of amazing local talent this year and would like to thank all the musicians for making the market atmosphere a special thing.

The market works closely with the London Arts Council, and organization that  works with public, private, and community partners to build and sustain Londoners’ awareness of, involvement in, and support for all artistic disciplines across the city. Their programs in the education, health, and community sectors provide paid opportunities for professional artists to create and deliver artworks.

Please check them out if you are interested in learning more about what they do! London wouldn’t be the same without them.

What's on this week?

Thursday October 31st 

Vendor List-Click Here

Musician: Frank Risdale

Special Event: Halloween Sock Drive

Saturday November 2nd

Vendor List-Click Here

Cooking Classes and Live Music are done for the season, make sure to check back in February when we start both programs up again!