Who’s your Farmer?

Join us THIS Saturday, Feb 9th for our indoor Farmers Market! Are you looking for a new dinner conversation topic? Who is your farmer, butcher or baker? Our farmers' market is really proud to be a producer based market. We believe that this gives us a rare and valuable opportunity to meet the people behind the food we eat. What does it mean to be a producer based farmers' market? Everyone grows, cooks and makes everything they sell. It also means that we try to keep our vendors primarily food based and reflective of the local food culture. Many of our permanent indoor vendors are very supportive and key players in London's local food scene. For lunch during tomorrow's market, Saturday February 9th, try one of the hot sliders made with Black Angus beef from Clear Creek Farms! You can find Dan and Glenda in centre court talking all things local.  

Yoga is for Everyone!

Niki Carr is away this week and we are so excited to have instructor Brian Groot join us to teach a yoga class. He has over 10 years of teaching experience and is one of the few male teachers in his field. If you have been thinking about trying Yoga for the first time, Brian creates a welcoming environment for people from all walks of life, young/old, male/female and anywhere in between. Come check it out! 9-10 am

Our Rotary Skating Rink is a great way to make winter a little more exciting. Don’t forget to enjoy it as long as the weather permits, it is free to use. Some of our vendors are very eager and will hit it up for a spin in the early hours of the morning. We’ll leave the early rising to them, and perhaps sip on a coffee and munch on a croissant from Seth before hitting the ice. Those farmers’ I tell ya!

Vendor Info Who has What-Click Here

Pay-What-You-Can Fitness: Brian Groot -9am-10am

Musician: Rick McGhie

Free Cooking Class 11am-12 with Christie Masse of Gonzo Chefs

MOOD FOOD-Click Here for the Recipe of the Week

Lots going on, we look forward to seeing you!