Vendor Feature: Greystead Gardens

Happy Thursday! Have you heard the phrase, “meet your farmer”? We use this a lot at the market because it is so important to know where your food is coming from and to meet the producer. The Covent Garden Outdoor Farmers’ Market is the perfect place to do so! Why? Because the Farmers’ Market vendors are producers only, meaning all of our vendors make their own product and all of our farmers grow what they sell. When you shop at the Farmers’ Market, you can actually have a conversation with the person who grew the tomato you’ll add to your salad that coming week. Isn’t this fantastic? Today, I invite you to virtually meet your farmers from Greystead Gardens, Dave and Dominga! They share their story below. As usual, please scroll down to see a full list of all of our vendors who are still “open for business!” Support Local!

Facebook Live Cooking Class!

We also have some exciting news to share! We’ve been missing our weekly cooking classes and we know you have, too. So, we’ve decided to run a live virtual cooking class right in our market kitchen and you’re welcome to join us from your homes!

Chef Anna Carroll will be joining us on Saturday, April 25th at 11 AM to teach us all how to make a Hearty Chicken and Wild Rice Soup. Tune in on Facebook to catch her live or watch later! The only difference from your usual Saturday morning will be that you’ll have to attempt the recipe yourself if you want to give it a taste. See the recipe here so we can all dive in together!

Meet Dave and Dominga from Greystead Gardens!

Using biointensive growing practices, Greystead Gardens grows over 50 different vegetables and herbs, including a variety of leafy greens, root vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and so much more! Located in northwest London on one and a half acres of clay loam soil, they are a proud My Pick Verified Local Farmer®, meaning they grow 100% of the product they sell. 

Dave and Dominga are inspired by the work of Eliot Coleman on season extension techniques, which means any farming method that allows a plant to be grown beyond its normal outdoor growing season. Through experimentation, Dave and Dominga are trying to determine what grows best in their soil type and microclimate, and how to grow a variety of vegetables outside of their usual outdoor growing season. “We relish the challenges and benefits of small scale organic farming from seed to harvest throughout the year. It is truly a marvel to experience 20⁰C plus temperatures inside a hoop house on a midwinter day!” 

Dave and Dominga see success in growing varieties of heirloom vegetables and save seed from a portion of their harvest. “In light of changing climatic conditions, we believe maintaining biodiversity will be key to ensuring our ability to withstand all of its accompanying effects.” They believe in natural, sustainable production and use non-GMO seeds and grow without the use of artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. 

Dave and Dominga’s passion for growing began at an early age, both having worked in agriculture with their respective families. Dave grew pumpkins for sale and has fond memories of visiting the Covent Garden Market on Saturdays with his family; Dominga helped her father with his beef, pork, chicken and vegetable/fruit businesses in the Dominican Republic where he, now in his 80’s, still runs a popular fruit stand.

Now in their fourth year of operating Greystead Gardens, Dave and Dominga look forward to their weekly forays to the Farmers’ Market and love sharing recipes and trading stories with the Covent Garden Market community! You can support their farm by visiting their website where you can view a current list of available produce and place an order! If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact them by email at or by phone at 519-872-6096.

Farmers' Market Vendors Who Are "Open for Business"

Here is a list of our farmers’ market vendors who have created alternative measures for you to access their products.

It is very important at this time, as always, to support local. Please read this post on a few ways to do so!

If you don’t see your favourite vendor’s information here, head to their social media accounts and reach out directly!

Morsels: Lorraine sells a variety of delicious savoury baked goods. Please contact her through email or phone to place an order. You are welcome to pick up or ask for delivery! // 519-642-2391

Helm Baked: Helm Baked brings you home-baked goods that are always delicious and sometimes gluten-free! They are doing doorstep deliveries on weekends and orders need to be in by Thursday evening. You can see their order menu here and can reach them through email at

Lynch Maple Farms: The Lynch Family has plenty of Maple Syrup on hand at their Farm! Please call them first to make pick-up arrangements. 519-471-7310

Blanbrook Bison Farm: The farm is open by appointment. Contact them in advance to place your bison meat order and pay by e-transfer when possible!

Pillitteri Estates Winery: Terry still has access to VQA wine, so contact her with any requests!

Dave’s Beef & Lamb: Contact Dave to place an order or arrange a pick-up or delivery of your beef and lamb products! 519-666-0626 //

Harvest Moon Trade Co.: They have set up an online ordering system for you to access their wonderful jams, jellies and preserves! Access the link here. They are offering delivery to London and Elgin County every Friday! This week they also have wild leeks!

Greystead Gardens: Dave and Dominga grow fresh produce on their farm and have set up an online ordering platform! If you are uncomfortable using this site or experience any glitches, contact them through email or phone. 519-872-6096 // 

Sungold Market Garden: The farm is offering weekly seasonal produce boxes for delivery to London! Unfortunately, they have sold out for May, but stay tuned to their Instagram as they develop an online shop on their website.

The Whole Grain Hearth: Their online ordering system is live! Check it out here to get your hands on amazing sourdough bread, among other delicious things!

The Hot Sauce Co.: Their online store is now open! Head to their website to place your order and get your hot sauce fix.

The Welsh Baker: Looking for welsh cakes and more delicious baked goods? Visit their website to place your order. They offer free local delivery to St. Thomas and London!

FAM Sauces & Catering: If you need Fam sauces, reach out to them via Instagram or email to place your order! They are coordinating pickups and local deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays.

Thames River Melons: The farm is offering a weekly no-contact market box delivered to your door filled with a selection of fresh produce from their farm and neighbouring farms! Read more and order your box on their website!