Vendor Feature: Harvest Moon Trading Company

Hello everyone! Over the past few weeks with the Outdoor Farmers' Market being closed, we know you've been missing our vendors! So, we decided to bring our vendors to you! Knowing where your products come from is one of the reasons a Farmers' Market is so valuable because you have the opportunity to meet your farmers and producers. It is so important to know why your local farmers and small business owners do what they do, and why they are so passionate about their businesses. Today, please meet the wonderful Emily and Johnny from Harvest Moon Trading Company! Don't forget to scroll to the bottom for another *updated* list of our vendors who have alternative measures for you to reach their product! Support Local!    

Harvest Moon Trading Company

Harvest Moon Trading Company creates a variety of delicious jams, jellies, preserves, mustards, granola, chutneys, dessert toppings, and more! Emily writes that the company “was born out of a love for local food, sustainable food systems, and the community that is created through the adaptation of a mindful lifestyle.” They pay special attention to how they source the ingredients of their products and they gather from their own garden and a variety of local organic and biodynamic growers. Pairing this with their own approach to traditional small batch methods and recipes, they strive to honour the time-tested methods and flavours of traditional Canadian canning while creating the most unique product they can. 

Harvest Moon Trading Company has been in operation for six years. Emily had begun preserving foods with her family when she was a child and feels lucky to have begun working in the organic food industry at a young age. By the time she was in her mid-twenties, she was already working as a pastry chef and had been employed by an organic butcher in the Covent Garden Market. She didn’t enjoy the limitations of employment and, hoping to start out on her own, Emily approached the Farmers’ Market Manager at the time about having her own booth at the weekly Outdoor Farmers’ Markets. Seeing an availability for a local preserver in the market scene, Emily drew on the skills she had learned when she was young and saw the start of Harvest Moon Trading Company in 2014. Johnny joined in 2018 and they were able to make their business a full-time lifestyle. 

“We love the farmer’s market, as it is an opportunity to embark on a self-employed life, that allows for reliable community and friendships, while giving us the opportunity to engage our community in a conversation surrounding education and sustainable lifestyle,” Emily writes. “We hope to help others access a sustainable life, while giving them the opportunity to support ours.”

Please consider taking the opportunity to support Harvest Moon Trading Company! You can access their product from their website, found here. They are offering delivery to London and Elgin County every Friday!

Farmers' Market Vendors Who Are "Open for Business"

Here is a list of our farmers’ market vendors who have created alternative measures for you to access their products.

It is very important at this time, as always, to support local. Please read this post on the best ways to do so!

If you don’t see your favourite vendor’s information here, head to their social media accounts and reach out directly!

Morsels: Lorraine sells a variety of delicious savoury baked goods. Please contact her through email or phone to place an order. You are welcome to pick up or ask for delivery! // 519-642-2391

Helm Baked: Helm Baked brings you home-baked goods that are always delicious and sometimes gluten-free. They are doing doorstep deliveries on weekends! Orders need to be in by Thursday evenings! You can reach them through email and follow their social media page for new order menus.

Lynch Maple Farms: The Lynch Family has plenty of Maple Syrup on hand at their Farm! Please call them first to make pick-up arrangements. 519-471-7310

Blanbrook Bison Farm: The farm is open by appointment. Contact them in advance to place your bison meat order and pay by e-transfer when possible.

Pillitteri Estates Winery: Terry still has access to VQA wine, so contact her with any requests!

Dave’s Beef & Lamb: Contact Dave to place an order or arrange a pick-up or delivery of your beef and lamb products! 519-666-0626 //

Harvest Moon Trade Co.: They have set up an online ordering system for you to access their wonderful jams, jellies and preserves! Access the link here. They are offering delivery to London and Elgin County every Friday!

Greystead Gardens: Dave and Dominga grow fresh produce on their farm and have set up an online ordering platform! If you are uncomfortable using this site or experience any glitches, contact them through email or phone. 519-872-6096 // 

Sungold Market Garden: The farm is offering weekly seasonal produce boxes for delivery to London! Unfortunately, they have sold out for May, but stay tuned to their Instagram as they develop an online shop on their website.

The Whole Grain Hearth: Their online ordering system is live! Check it out here to get your hands on amazing sourdough bread, among other delicious things!

The Hot Sauce Co.: Their online store is coming soon! Head to their website to contact them for ordering info to get your hot sauce fix!

The Welsh Baker: Looking for welsh cakes and more delicious baked goods? Visit their website to place your order. They offer free local delivery to St. Thomas and London!

FAM Sauces & Catering: If you need Fam sauces, reach out to them via Instagram or email to place your order! They are coordinating pickups and local deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays.

Thames River Melons: The farm is offering a weekly no-contact market box delivered to your door filled with a selection of fresh produce from their farm and neighbouring farms! Read more and order your box on their website.